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Synonyms for bowleg

a leg bowed outward at the knee (or below the knee)

have legs that curve outward at the knees

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Nevertheless, Bowleg has high hopes, especially with President Barack Obama's revolutionary plan to unite all the federal agencies to specifically address the disproportionate incidence and prevalence of HIV/AIDS among racial and ethnic minorities.
Rather, it may be the sociocultural context that is critically important for HIV risk among African-American women (Bowleg, Lucas & Tschann 2004).
General practitioners are often asked to assess bowleg and knock-knee deformities in infants, children and adolescents.
Black feminist queer theorists, for instance, gage in an exploration of the contestations of the categorization of gender and sexuality (Bowleg 2003).
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Also very highly recommended is Kropp's previous novel, "Bowleg's Bounty".
Among black men, AIDS is not only a medical problem, but also represents a social-cultural dilemma characterized by issues that center on and around racism, poverty, and gender ideologies (Bowleg, 2004).
Several of the figures below are animalized more directly, including a figure labeled General "Hindenbug" in a belittling reference to Hindenburg; another labeled "Bethman Bowleg" with a white "peace birdie," perhaps a dove, whispering in his enlarged ear, which alludes to Chancellor Bethmann-Hollweg's failed 1916 peace offer; and an officer called simply "A Palace Germ," an epithet which associates the word "German" with germs, disease, and perhaps biological warfare.
Gender roles that accord higher status and more permissiveness for males and passivity for females can have a negative impact on the sexual health of women if they are unable to protect themselves against unintended pregnancy or STD/HIV infection (Amaro and Raj, 2000; Bowleg et al, 2000; Castaneda, 2000).
(14.) HB 4008, Public Act 471 (1988), Cited in Bowleg (1994).
Lisa Bowleg describes negotiating the differences between her Bahamian and feminist cultures, which are also the differences between the Bahamian culture in which she was born and raised and the U.S.