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a knot with two loops and loose ends


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This is exactly the feature of optical fiber that is used by the COFT in slope monitoring technology, which designs a bowknot as the microbending modulation mechanism, as shown in Figure 1.
Capillary tubes which can shrink moving up and down were placed at the center of the base material and around tube, one strand of optical fiber was used to go through four capillary tubes, and at the ends of the tubes outside the monitored piece the fibers were wound into a bowknot, with the end of it being fitted with an optical fiber clamping to fix the initial size of the bowknot.
The curvature radius of the bowknot reduced and caused microbending loss, which will be measured by OTDR.
The COFT consists of an optical fiber bowknot and different materials, and they are acting together.
Wind the free optical fiber around a B25 cm pipe and connect it to OTDR (type 6418, manufactured by the 41st Institute of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation, Hefei, China), making a microbending modulation mechanism (bowknot) between the optical fiber disc and the free optical fiber, as shown in Figure 3.
The test was conducted eight times, with the initial bowknot width being 40.23 mm, 39.38 mm, 38.51 mm, 37.48 mm, 36.63 mm, 35.21 mm, 34.56 mm, and 34.1 mm.
According to Figure 4(a), the curve tendency between microbending loss and the retraction displacement of optical fiber is similar in the cases of different bowknot widths.
A second border of swags with bowknots and intertwined tassels enfolds floral designs on three sides.
The term diversi nodi implies Angelica's impatience with the fixed iconography of the loveknot and a quest for new varieties, perhaps not unlike the illuminator of the late 15th century manuscript Livres des Echecs Amoureux who designs a mega-knot for the initials A and M where each loop doubles over itself, the letters are twice encircled, and the vertical loop blossoms forth into its own, second-tier bowknot.(14) There is a feeling of excess in this iconography of love which anticipates the hyperbolic quality of Angelica's own writing in the cento modi and cento lochi of Canto 23, 103.