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Synonyms for bowknot

a knot with two loops and loose ends


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This is exactly the feature of optical fiber that is used by the COFT in slope monitoring technology, which designs a bowknot as the microbending modulation mechanism, as shown in Figure 1.
The BIR said the closure of The Bowknot stemmed from a report that the establishment substantially under-declared its taxable sales by 98.92 percent and failed to reconcile or explain the said discrepancy.
At that time, a bowknot (rosette) was adopted to be worn in lieu of the medal.
Jerri Nichols, pretty and hard, with over 1,000 winners to her name, fires Exotic Irish out of the gate like a chameleon's tongue, only to be caught at the wire by KG Bowknot. Sylvester Carmouche beams his big tooth smile.
Just above Snake's bowknot (the work's most horizontal zone) the pinkish accordion tract "C" embowels the letters R-A-F-T, formed from Sculpey clay.
The southern extent of this latter feature flows into the eastern edge of the hangman's noose, forming the True Lover's Knot (a bowknot used as a symbol of love).