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Synonyms for bowing

bending the head or body or knee as a sign of reverence or submission or shame or greeting

managing the bow in playing a stringed instrument

showing an excessively deferential manner


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While pagan Rome expressed reverence with the hand over the mouth and a turn of the body, it was the East that introduced bowing and prostration.
Obviously these rules are totally lost on the first-time visitor, yet you find yourself returning the gesture and bowing anyway.
Now, a leading violinist has developed a new bowing technique that transforms some of the sounds unintentionally created by beginners into steady, clear, and loud musical tones.
Others noted that bowing to the back of the person in front of you seemed pointless.
A small magnet at the wire's bowing point converts this current into a force on the wire, which then moves, and the process repeats itself.