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United States pioneer and hero of the Texas revolt against Mexico

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TOPS Knives introduced one of the slickest-looking Bowie knives we've seen in years, and Mike Fuller, TOPS president, tells us it's their fastest-selling model.
From the "eyes casting at you / bowie knives" and "tongues spitting out lightning bolts," Talvet the author hides in the lap of night, within the breath of rain.
Lile designed about a half-dozen or more Bowie knives for Stallone, Miller said.
O'Leary loved Western memorabilia, like Bowie knives and spurs, which punctuated his rafters.
Tennessee had passed a very restrictive law concerning Bowie knives and Arkansas toothpicks, and this was the case that answered the question of whether the Tennessee Constitution's arms guarantee protected the carrying of deadly weapons.
To Green's enthusiastic, "Yeah!," Barton then added, "You know, they're coming at you waving all these butcher knives and all these bowie knives, and great, I'll just pull out my machine gun and shoot y'all ..."
Bowie knives, two bill hooks and an axe switch blade were among 2,606 knives handed in to Northumbria Police last summer.
Huge Bowie knives were quite common in the 1950s and 60s, like its namesake, Jim Bowie carried, or the one Paul Hogan used in his Crocodile Dundee movies.
World-renowned expert Mitchel allows us into this realm, in which Bowie knives double as spokes and riders take any one of a number of positions of dominance, and gives us reasons how and why these machines exist in the first place.
The new licensing scheme will cover all nondomestic knives, including potentially deadly hunting knives, curved Bowie knives - which can be a foot long - and machetes.