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The numerous bowheads were rotund, very slow, methodically plowing the surface with enormous open mouths, ingesting hundreds of pounds of plankton with each swallow.
Bowhead Whale: 130yrs One bowhead whale lived to 130 despite carrying a harpoon point in its neck for 100 years - it helped scientists work out its age.
Another finding of the study: the frozen -- and seemingly impassable -- inlets and straits separating Atlantic and Pacific populations appear to be little obstacle to the ice-savvy and morphologically adapted bowheads. The team found the whale populations in both regions to be so related that individual whales must able to make the journey across the Arctic, although the finer details on the directions whales traveled in are still uncertain.
Singing bowheads were nearly drowned out by walrus knocks, the almost extraterrestrial calls of bearded seals, and myriad other pops, whistles, cracks, and whoops.
They are: the snow white Beluga (nicknamed the sea canary); the mainly black, 60-ft long Bowhead and the Narwhal - famous for its bizarre unicorn-like tusk.
Against that backdrop, the old harpoon points suggest that at least some contemporary bowheads are survivors of run-ins with whalers 100 years earlier, observes biologist Todd M.
Permutation tests on fall depth distributions were not significant for bowheads or belugas when number of individuals was used (Table 2) but were significant for both species when number of sightings was used.
Edited by Joanasie Karpik and illustrated by Sho Uchara, "Bowhead Whale" teaches children ages 5 to 7 how bowheads raise their babies, where they live, what they eat when they don't have any teeth, how they communicate, traditional uses, and other interesting information!
"If humpback whale song is like classical music, bowheads are jazz," Stafford said.
"In truth, scientists know very little about bowheads in Nunavut waters," said Dan Pike, a former fisheries official now working for the Nunavut Wildlife Management Board.
In general, the models assume that, since the whale has almost no natural enemies other than man, in the absence of hunting the size of a given whale population will depend on the available feed: krill in the case of baleen whales (right whales, Arctic bowheads, grays, and humpbacks, among the whales hunted in the nineteenth century), and squid and other such creatures in the case of toothed whales (sperm whales).