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The bowhead whale (Balaena mysticetus) is a large, slow-swimming baleen whale that spends its entire life associated with high-latitude seas.
Bowhead is a northbound common carrier that focuses on serving the communities of the North Slope, specifically shareholders, at a level that allows them to be able to afford goods and services, says Luther Bartholomew, Bowhead general manager.
This makes clear that the debate is about more than subsistence: "From the Inupiats' perspective, losing the right to hunt the bowhead raises the specter of cultural starvation, a threat more serious than the simple physical loss of whale meat in their diet" (29).
Compared to the genomes of other creatures, the researchers found that bowhead whales have unique alterations in a gene called ERCC1, which is involved in repairing damaged DNA.
Scientists, for a long period of time, have tried understanding how the bowhead whales live for a longer time when compared to other species of the whales that died before they reached 100.
Bowhead Media has operated the biennial Gulf Glass exhibition in the Middle East for seven years and in 2013 added the GulfSol exhibition to address the growing solar power and products market in the Middle East.
The last time I saw bowheads was while hunting caribou and seals with Inuits around Baffin Island's mountainous fiords.
The Bowhead family of companies provides defense, government and private sector customers with expertise in areas such as program management, systems engineering/integration, weapon systems acquisition management, logistics/supply support, software development, IT services support, risk management, training/simulation support, products procurement, and administrative services support.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Scientists have published the first range-wide genetic analysis of the bowhead whale using hundreds of samples from both modern populations and archaeological sites used by indigenous Arctic hunters thousands of years ago.
While the melting trend has broader implications, the initial concern is for narwhals, and beluga and bowhead whales, which are already threatened.
Tonight whales are under observation and it offers up fascinating facts like the lifespan of an Arctic Bowhead is an amazing two centuries.
A) Bowhead Whale: Threatened by potential oil spills, noise from offshore oil drilling, and collisions with ships.
The illustrator takes the reader underwater with the narwhals, amid the ocean chop as skuas reef fish from terns' beaks, across panoramic spreads following an endless trail of caribou, up through the ice with bowhead whales; they are pictures that affirm his pre-eminence in the world of children's book illustration.
Scientists also reveal how the Arctic bowhead can live to 200 years old.