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Two cetacean species, bowhead whales (Balaena mysticetus) and beluga whales (Delphinapterus leucas), occur regularly in the Beaufort Sea from midspring through early fall, migrating to the region to feed in areas that overlap with offshore oil and gas development.
"We were hoping when we put the hydrophone out we might hear a few sounds," Stafford, who first detected bowhead whales singing off Greenland in 2007, said. "When we heard, it was astonishing.
(3) Barrow is the largest of the Native subsistence whaling villages, landing roughly half of the total number of bowhead whales hunted each year (Suydam and George (4)).
For instance, Bowhead could help load and unload passengers and crews and shuttle them to the Barrow airport, he says.
Researchers, with the support of Life Extension Foundation[R] and the Methuselah Foundation, recently charted the genome of the bowhead whale--which is most likely the longest-living mammal on the planet.
The rights to organise Dubai-based Gulf Glass and GulfSol exhibitions have been acquired by dmg events, the wholly-owned subsidiary of the Daily Mail and General Trust, from Bowhead Media.
One of the most amazing sightings this year has been an Arctic bowhead whale -- one of only about 1,000 residing in the North Atlantic.
Bowhead Systems Management LLC said that its Agile Division has earned the Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute's (SEI) Capability Maturity Model Integration -- (CMMI) for Services (CMMI-SVC, v1.3) -- Maturity Level 3.
Arvia'juaq is "an island shaped like a big bowhead whale." For many generations, Inuit families returned to camp and harvest its abundant marine resources including beluga whales, seals, walrus and fish.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Scientists have published the first range-wide genetic analysis of the bowhead whale using hundreds of samples from both modern populations and archaeological sites used by indigenous Arctic hunters thousands of years ago.
While the melting trend has broader implications, the initial concern is for narwhals, and beluga and bowhead whales, which are already threatened.
Tonight whales are under observation and it offers up fascinating facts like the lifespan of an Arctic Bowhead is an amazing two centuries.
(A) Bowhead Whale: Threatened by potential oil spills, noise from offshore oil drilling, and collisions with ships.
The illustrator takes the reader underwater with the narwhals, amid the ocean chop as skuas reef fish from terns' beaks, across panoramic spreads following an endless trail of caribou, up through the ice with bowhead whales; they are pictures that affirm his pre-eminence in the world of children's book illustration.