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primitive long-bodied carnivorous freshwater fish with a very long dorsal fin

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Six-foot gars, bowfins, sting-rays, turtles, and more than 20 other freshwater species swan in the waters of what is now called Fossil Lake, which was 50 miles long and up to 15 miles wide.
Included in the state fish fauna are: one native species (longnose gar) that has been extirpated from New Jersey waters; 19 species that are known to be not native and to have been introduced to New Jersey, of which three (goldfish, common carp, grass carp) are native to Asia and Eurasia and 16 to other areas of the eastern United States and adjacent Canada; and 66 species that are presumably native, although three (bowfin, eastern mosquitofish, warmouth) of these species are so listed tenuously because one or more of them might have occurred, or been introduced (as the first two of these three species are known to have been), or both.
Three species (i.e., bowfin, warmouth, and eastern mosquitofish) are tenuously listed as native, for all three species could have occurred in the state because known populations of each occur relatively close to New Jersey.
Of those fish species (n = 15) that have been recorded only in rivers in the Pinelands (Table 3), I include the bowfin (Figure 12).