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Synonyms for bower



Synonyms for bower

a framework that supports climbing plants

enclose in a bower

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Bowering, who brought his 11-year-old daughter, Mandy, along so she could experience the unique camaraderie of the sport, lucked out with his position on the open field, peppered with dove weed - which Scotton said the doves eat like candy - other low-lying bushes and medium-sized trees.
Bowering and other serious hunters, who will have whetted their appetites for bigger game with the tiny birds, typically prefer to hunt in areas that attract as few people as possible, usually on private land with more shooting opportunities and professional guides to lead the way.
Bowering was Vice President of Geoscience and Chief Geophysicist for Ocean Energy, where he, along with the Chief Geologist, was responsible for the technical merit of Ocean's worldwide Exploration & Production efforts, as well as overseeing implementation of appropriate technology to optimize the E&P program.
Bowering was President of Veritas Exploration Services, (VES), a division of VeritasDGC (NYSE:VTS), a leading geophysical services provider to the industry.
Bowering is an eighteen-year veteran of the oil & gas exploration business.
Many different types of geoscientific data can be co-rendered in a setting where the whole asset team can view and manipulate the data together," says Bowering.