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the part of the alimentary canal between the stomach and the anus

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This method aims to structure auscultative training in an economical manner, that is, breaking normal and abnormal heart, lung, and bowel sounds into basic components of sound.
The evening shift assessment was unremarkable except for a low-grade fever and hypoactive bowel sounds.
Bowel sounds were monitored once per day by a third-year medical student who performed auscultation for 1 minute in the periumbilical area.
Bowel sounds are not an adequate indicator of the patient's ability to tolerate feeding.
He can also be cut, make bowel sounds and respond to injections.
Her abdomen was not distended, the Fundal height was 16-week size and the bowel sounds were absent.
The pounds 25,000 technology is life-size and can simulate breathing, heart sounds, bowel sounds, collapsed lungs and even allergic reactions.
His abdomen was distended, with diffuse tenderness, guarding, and peritoneal signs in the right lower quadrant but with positive bowel sounds.
During the day, the staff noted that David had decreased bowel sounds.
Symptoms of strangulation include: severe pain, vomiting, distension of the abdomen, noisy bowel sounds, absolute constipation.
Possible unstable medical condition related to recent bowel surgery evidenced by hypoactive bowel sounds
A miniature television camera and microphone allow the nurse to see and hear the patient, and other equipment measures blood pressure and pulse, listens to heart, lung or bowel sounds, reminds patients to take their medicine, and even takes electrocardiograms.
BabySIM[R] One year-old: Scenes in PICU or PEDS: Normal and difficult airway, patient assessment with normal and abnormal findings, appropriate delivery of medication, hemodynamic response to the arrhythmias is physiologically correct, left and right radial, brachial, femoral and pedal pulses, cardiovascular response to administered medications, bowel sounds can be auscultated, palpable pulses
SimMan 3G is virtually lifelike: He blinks, cries, has a pulse, and can make heart, lung and bowel sounds.
On assessment, she appeared to be uncomfortable and had a tympanitic abdomen, which was generally tender but soft to palpation with scant bowel sounds.