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the part of the alimentary canal between the stomach and the anus

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The mean time for bowel sounds in women following cesarean delivery with spinal anesthesia included in this study was 12.62 +- 7.73 hours in the experimental group and 16.35 +- 5.20 hours in the control group.
Xuhao Du, Ph.D., from the University of Western Australia in Perth, and colleagues explored the use of bowel sounds to characterize IBS with a view to diagnostic use in a case-control study.
Five days after surgery, he began liquid diet followed by a semi-liquid diet after the first flatus and normal bowel sounds were heard on auscultation; he was gradually able to tolerate a normal diet.
Her abdomen was distended and bowel sounds were normal.
System review was within normal, and physical examination showed soft and lax abdomen with audible bowel sounds. The patient was started on the liquid diet.
Clinical examination revealed abdominal tenderness, distension, and hyperactive bowel sounds upon auscultation.
All cases which were kept on conservative treatment were given parentral fluids, kept NPO till bowel sounds returned or flatus passed.
On examination, the abdomen was distended, bowel sounds were increased, and rectum was empty.
From non-hospitalization group to ICU group, 2.2%, 7.1%, 30.9% and 0.0% of patients had right lower abdominal pain respectively; 2.2%, 23.3%, 22.7%, and 33.3% of patients had the history of abdominal surgery respectively; 8.8%, and 42.2%, 62.9%, and 100.0% of patients had bowel sounds abnormal respectively.
He had a reduced air entry on lower left hemithorax with audible bowel sounds on the same site of the chest.
She was started on a clear liquid diet when bowel sounds were appreciated.
Gastrointestinal - regularity of system, bowel sounds
On exam, the physician will listen for bowel sounds and look for a hard abdomen.
The abdomen was distended, with bowel sounds present.
Physical assessment should include listening for bowel sounds and palpating for tenderness or abdominal mass.