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the part of the alimentary canal between the stomach and the anus

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Hyperactive bowel sounds were present in all four quadrants.
The abdomen was distended, with bowel sounds present.
Physical assessment should include listening for bowel sounds and palpating for tenderness or abdominal mass.
Bowel sounds were normal and there were no signs of reflux or intestinal obstruction.
Abdominal examination showed a normal abdominal girth with no distension, with severe right lower quadrant tenderness with positive guarding and rigidity, positive rebound tenderness, and normal bowel sounds.
Classic signs of peritonitis include a rigid abdomen, distension, muscle guarding and absent or hypoactive bowel sounds.
Historically, professionals of gynecology and obstetrics waited until gut function returns allowing oral or entered feeding, characterized by symptoms such as bowel sounds, first flatus or stool, and feeling of hunger (5).
With holes and gaps in the medical record--not describing bowel sounds, checking tube patency or assessing resident tolerance to feedings--facility staff had not shown that daily skilled services were provided by a licensed nurse.
The ability to label normal and abnormal heart sounds doubled; interpretation of normal and abnormal lung sounds improved by 50 percent; and bowel sounds interpretation improved threefold, demonstrating the effect of an adult-oriented, creative, yet practical method for teaching auscultation.
Two hours later, an exam revealed a soft abdomen and normal bowel sounds.
Physical ex amination demonstrated a normal body temperature, decreased bowel sounds, moderate RLQ tenderness, diffuse abdominal guarding, and negative Murphy's and McBurney's signs.
It is clinically manifested by tachycardia, tachypnea, decreased breath sounds, bowel sounds in ipsilateral hemithorax and excavated abdomen.
The patient's abdomen continued to distend, and bowel sounds were diminished despite nasogastric suctioning.