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Synonyms for management

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Synonyms for management

authoritative control over the affairs of others

the careful guarding of an asset

an act or instance of guiding

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Synonyms for management

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Postoperative MRI detected pathology in seventeen patients (80.9%), out of which it was feasible to take remedial measures in ten patients (47.61%), and other seven patients who were having hypoplastic SMC or sacral agencies were subjected to conservative bowel management. Though there were soiling problems in rest four patients, the pelvic MRI was normal and neurogenic cause was attributed and these patients were managed with conservative bowel management.
Global bowel management systems market segmented as follow: By Product
The experience of finding an effective bowel management program for children with spina bifida: The parent's perspective.
Neurogenic bowel management after spinal cord injury: A systematic review of the evidence.
Initial "indexing" was reviewed by KW, who identified a number of additional emergent codes or themes reflecting patients' experiences of constipation, abdominal massage and bowel management advice.
Planning an individualized bowel care routine is vital to successful RTW and warrants important and sometimes complex considerations for vocational planning, such as coordination of work and bowel management schedules.
He was placed back on extensive conservative bowel management with only mild response; eventually, he required insertion of a cecostomy tube for antegrade irrigation.
[11] Bowel Management Patient Guide--Your Guide to using Peristeen, February 2014,
The campaigns have worked so well that one has now been adopted nationally by the Royal College of Nursing and all student nurses will now receive the Get Stool Smart information cards to help them improve bowel management of their patients.
A specific audit tool extracted information from both the checklist and the medical record on the following processes of care: nutrition, weaning from ventilation, pain, glucose control, sit out of bed, bowel management, deep vein thrombosis and stress ulcer prophylaxis.
Several clinicians still rely on invasive enemas, high doses of laxatives, and inadequate follow up to treat this condition despite growing evidence that suggests success of treatment is improved with a combined approach addressing dietary changes; behavioral, family, and educational therapy; and individualized approaches to bowel management (Friman, Hofstadter, & Jones, 2006).
The NRI is funded by competitive grants and has already secured over $800,361 in research grants for 14 projects in areas such as venous thromboembolism prevention; bowel management in intensive care; and management of fever, raised blood sugar levels and swallowing difficulties in acute stroke patients.
That could have been avoided, Chrischilles said, if her mother-in-law had been told to relieve her pain between prescription doses with acetaminophen tablets--at a cost of 1.2 cents apiece--or told about an inexpensive bowel management program.