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Synonyms for elimination

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Synonyms for elimination

the act or process of eliminating

the act of getting rid of something useless or used up

the act or process of discharging bodily wastes or foreign substances

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Synonyms for elimination

the act of removing or getting rid of something

analysis of a problem into alternative possibilities followed by the systematic rejection of unacceptable alternatives

the act of removing an unknown mathematical quantity by combining equations

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A comprehensive history and physical exam should be completed for the patient with bowel elimination problems (see Table 1).
This stimulant helps the peristaltic movement and assists in natural bowel elimination, thus, helping in the relief of constipation.
Good water intake is vital for kidney function--keeping the bladder infection-free--and proper bowel elimination. Adequate hydration is imperative for individuals with pressure ulcers because of the need to keep adequate blood flow and nutrients reaching the wound.
The best foods for a healthy colon are vegetables, as they are rich in fibre and speed up bowel elimination. Julie should also take the herb slippery elm to ease any IBS-type symptoms.
* Alteration in bowel elimination evidenced by constipation