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Synonyms for bowel

the part of the alimentary canal between the stomach and the anus

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And yet how could there be running water in the bowels of the earth?
As for the subterranean river in the bowels of the mountain, Heaven only knows what it is, or whence it flows, or whither it goes.
For hours we followed the dark and gloomy river farther and farther into the bowels of Mars.
"I believe that you will see the wisdom of permitting me to pass unmolested," I said, "for it would avail you nothing to die uselessly in the rocky bowels of Barsoom merely to protect a hereditary enemy, such as Thurid, Dator of the First Born.
That two lives will be snuffed out is nothing to the world calamity that entombs in the bowels of the earth the discoveries that I have made and proved in the successful construction of the thing that is now carrying us farther and farther toward the eternal central fires."
The very fact, as Perry took pains to explain, of the blasting of several very exact and learned scientific hypotheses made it apparent that we could not know what lay before us within the bowels of the earth, and so we might continue to hope for the best, at least until we were dead--when hope would no longer be essential to our happiness.
More than 320 New Zealanders have had their bowel cancer detected in the last two years thanks to the National Bowel Screening Programme (NBSP) says Health Minister Dr David Clark.
WALES is set to become the first country in the UK to test all bowel cancer patients for a devastating genetic condition.
THE wife of Irfon Williams, who inspired thousands of people with his defiant battle against cancer, is encouraging others to be aware of the signs of the disease for Bowel Cancer Awareness Month.
BOWEL cancer is the second most common cause of cancer deaths in the UK (lung cancer causes most deaths), but if caught early enough, 95% of cases can be cured.
Bowel cancer is the second most common cause of cancer deaths in the UK, but if caught early enough, 95% of cases can be cured.
Measurement of all or part of the small bowel is a common and mandatory procedure in surgeries requiring small bowel resection or anastomosis.