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Synonyms for bowed

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Synonyms for bowed

deviating from a straight line

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Synonyms for bowed

of a stringed instrument

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forming or resembling an arch

have legs that curve outward at the knees

showing an excessively deferential manner


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Somehow we bowed our way to the lift where a woman standing next to the door bowed and pointed out where I should enter, just in case I hadn't encountered a door before.
One of the oldest types of spreader roller is the bowed roller (see Fig.
The major benefit of the bowed roller, users say, is that the roller "crown" or skew can be adjusted while the line is running to shift the orientation of the web as it passes over the roller.
However, the bowed roller design alters the natural flow of the web, creating uneven tension across the face of the roller, resulting in possible drag in the processing line.
Another limitation is that the bowed roller needs careful maintenance.