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What information can be gleaned from these bowdlerized pages?
That's how genuinely interesting it is to see a staging of Ernest Hemingway's only full-length play, previously produced only in a bowdlerized version mounted in 1940 by the Theater Guild.
1525 printing of Parliament of Fowls bowdlerized Chaucer's text, clothing the naked Beaute and emending Priapus to Priamus; that edifying proverbs were plentifully inscribed "upon walls, eaves, and 'the rouf of my lorde percy [the younger's water] closett'" (158) in the household of the fifth Earl of Northumberland.
Part Three, "Catholic Books in a Protestant World," begins with an examination of the effects of print on the market for Books of Hours, before looking at some examples of annotated, censored, and bowdlerized books that allow us to trace individuals' responses to the process of reformation, and to catch "a glimpse of the impact on personal religion of the religious flux of mid-Tudor England" (p.
Without the sense, then, of something brilliant being bowdlerized, this already slight film runs out of fumes early.
The enterprising publisher then bowdlerized English texts for translation into Dutch to serve a strict Roman Catholic readership.
Utah-based CleanFlicks is one of a dozen or so companies that delete sex, violence, and profanity from movies and then distribute the bowdlerized versions (which are clearly labeled as such) to their mostly religious customers.
If this Bill is passed, we as a nation run the very real risk of reducing our democracy to a state similar to that bowdlerized impersonation of the democratic concept passed off by the Belarus government in their latest Presidential elections.
While older ladies send jokes with the bite of bowdlerized Bill Cosby routines, younger folk favor self-righteous rants on dolphin torture.
But Amsterdam had bowdlerized the rest of the words to make them more palatable to the American market.
Dishonest accounting, willful scientific illiteracy, bowdlerized federal fact sheets, payola paid to putative journalists, "news" networks run by right-wing apparatchiks, think tanks devoted to propaganda rather than thought, the purging of intelligence gatherers and experts throughout the bureaucracy whose findings might refute the party line--this is the machinery of mendacity.
77), as Young describes it, in the education of women and children This movement naturally gave justification to the bowdlerized versions of the text but also made these plays and their accompanying imagery into moral textbooks The second relationship of interest to me, as a scholar of theatre history, is the one between visual representation and stage action Portraits of actors in the roles were popular throughout the period discussed but, as Young points out, it is extraordinarily difficult to determine whether or not these visual representations had anything to do with what took place in the theatre.
Bowdlerized by the Rajahs' savants to mean "While we sweat we hope," the epigraph fits O perfectly.
It is almost impossible to quote a Marine without colorful cuss words three or four times in each sentence, and without that cursing their iterations feel bowdlerized and false.
The New York Board of Regents was found to have falsified, on moral grounds, most of the literary texts used in its exams; here classic literature was bowdlerized in the interests of political correctness.