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Synonyms for bowdlerize

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Synonyms for bowdlerize

to examine (material) and remove parts considered harmful or improper for publication or transmission

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Synonyms for bowdlerize

edit by omitting or modifying parts considered indelicate

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What gives a textbook editor the right to bowdlerize some of the best-loved literary works in history?
It seems to me that if you are going to bowdlerize, you shouldn't then criticize your contributors for not being sufficiently sexy.
He gave the English language the word "bowdlerize".
The word attack may seem a bit heavy-handed, but what else can be said of the revelations in John Allen's account (see page 3) of a group that met behind closed doors in the Vatican to bowdlerize the inclusive-language biblical translations that scholars, liturgists and the majority of the U.S.
Thomas Bowdler, the English editor who around 1820 rewrote Shakespeare and the Bible to delete their objectionable passages, gave our language its word for arbitrary expurgation, bowdlerize. The crusades of Anthony Comstock, the man whose raised eyebrows had the power to prevent booksellers from handling many books and magazines in nineteenth century America, gave us Comstockery, a synonym for overzealous censorship.
The word bowdlerize was current by the mid-1830s as a synonym for expurgate, and it is now used in a pejorative sense.
That one consequence of such an approach was to bowdlerize and gallicize Johnson's Preface to Shakespeare, of course, hardly mattered.
or bowdlerize the beer with cheap ingredients and corner-cutting production methods."