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Synonyms for bowdlerization

written material that has been bowdlerized

the act of deleting or modifying all passages considered to be indecent

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James seems surprised less by the bowdlerization than by Hawthorne's relinquishment of his authorial sovereignty.
1) E incluso se han acunado en la lengua inglesa los sustantivos derivados bowdlerization y bowdlerizer para significar 'censura' y 'censor', respectivamente.
22) Two similar acts of bowdlerization, one perpetrated by Faulkner's original publisher, the other orchestrated by Borges himself, also pertain to this novel.
In sum, then, the Maudes' version of "Sevastopol in December" is a bowdlerization.
Leonard van der Kuijp has identified an instance of bowdlerization in an early dynastic translation of one of the tantras (1992:116).
In response to these two complaints by one viewer, Turner Broadcasting has pledged to excise every positive depiction of smoking from its library of Hanna-Barbera cartoons, a bowdlerization the company described as "a voluntary step we've taken in light of the changing times.
23) For more examples of such bowdlerization see my 'Vasil Bykau and the Soviet Byelorussian Novel', in The Languages and Literatures of the Non-Russian Peoples of the Soviet Union, ed.
Erudite and judicious, with no time for vainglorious legends or Victorian bowdlerization, Knight has written a post-patriotic, and certainly a post-imperial, book on the central naval figure in the imperial saga.
13) Although the bowdlerization was a common euphemistic device in nineteenth-century texts, this particular one holds rather unique interest.
Besides all this new material, comparison between the originals and the printed versions exposes the degree to which our views have been formed by silent editorial improvements and bowdlerization.
However, the state ban on the public imaging of eroticism and the bowdlerization of the literary tradition was not accompanied by any attempt to repress or otherwise hinder actual sexual practices.
Price seems to assume that her presentation of voiced anxieties about status by writers and acceptance of bowdlerization by powerless readers accurately records the inward experience of writers and readers when they read or helped produce pretentiously-packaged and stigmatized texts.
Nor was she alone in her bowdlerization of the heroic tales.
1 He did so courtesy, once again, of Jeanne Heifetz, the literature-loving mom from Brooklyn who discovered the bowdlerization the first time.
It should be noted that I have no control over how this magazine is run, least of all over the collation and bowdlerization of the "Notes on Contributors.