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Synonyms for bowdlerisation

written material that has been bowdlerized

the act of deleting or modifying all passages considered to be indecent

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Significantly, the poems detailed the experiences of veterans "during the period of greatest neglect of veterans", a time when postwar America was "scrambling hard to erase Vietnam from its memory and its conscience." (66) These poetic acts represented a stand against forgetting in favour of remembering, a refusal to submit to sanitisation, and an insistence that the story of America's involvement in Vietnam be told, and told without bowdlerisation. The anthology, which placed sketches, photographs, and prose pieces alongside the poetry, included works by Barry and Ehrhart, other Winning contributors such as Frank A.
This is in contrast to 'the official history of comics' which, as Kupe remarks, is a saga of 'frustration', 'unrealised potential', untold stories, and the 'bowdlerisation' of great art by 'small-minded editors'.
Current science and ecology, in whatever bowdlerised forms--and the bowdlerisation itself must be a focus of investigation--increasingly appear in literary works, and we cannot avoid incorporating them into our critical frameworks, any more than we can avoid recognising the impact of Darwin's thought on many late nineteenth-century novels.
Even the secretariat's customary bowdlerisation of cabinet committee minutes can barely disguise the intensity of the language Heath employed in the introduction of his proposal to abolish rpm to the first EPC meeting of the new year.
Time, bowdlerisation and Disney mean we tend to view fairytales as harmless, saccharine stories.
It was of course a poor substitute for the real Vergil, and indeed a drastic bowdlerisation; but in a time of crisis might have seemed a possible way out.