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Synonyms for bow-wow

the bark of a dog

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informal terms for dogs

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The fee to participate in Bow-WOW and Alley Cat Bowling is $25 in advance and $30 at the door and includes bowling as well as pizza, dessert, games and raffles.
And while some salons will turn down older dogs, elderly dogs are welcome at Bow-Wow.
Indeed, Bow-Wow PC9 seems in a fair way to be awarded an extra 'Liver' on his collar.
Tokyo architect Atelier Bow-Wow is perhaps best known for its jousts with the absurdity of the Japanese urban condition, easing eccentric houses into microscopic plots and celebrating the often bizarre hybrids of functions precipitated by the pressure on city land use.
Perhaps I'll even learn from them to yelp 'bow-wow, bow-wow'.
NEWGARDEN, Mark & Megan Montague Cash Bow-Wow Bugs a Bug Walker, 2008 unpaged $27.95 ISBN 9781406315233 SCIS 1380493
"TO CHANGE the Japanese government, you could begin by altering the seating arrangement in parliament," says Yoshiharu Tsukamoto, one of the partners, with Momoyo Kaijima, behind the Tokyo-based Atelier Bow-Wow. Linking grand ambition to small-scale gesture marks the ideology of these architects who, like many of their colleagues, move through the realms of art and politics with as much relish as when they build houses.
Licensed Clinical Social Worker, child therapist, and animal lover Animal Gambill presents Riley's Bow-Wow Blast, a story about an eight-year-old girl who adopts and takes care of a dog named Riley.
York says expanding the six-year-old Bow-Wow Video (www.bowwow, which trains and videotapes dogs in agility competitions, to include tax preparation and accounting services evolved naturally.
Happy Hounds already makes Bow-Wow Brownies, prepared with carob and peanuts (as an alternative to chocolate), and Apple and Spice Biscuits made with rice and oat flours, ideal for pups with corn and wheat allergies.
six-week losing run, when Downholme trounces favourite Bow-Wow (Reg Hollinshead/Kevin Lewis)
went crazy for canines April 21 as "Lost & Found" bowed to the bow-wow set in Westwood.
A TINY stuffed mutt is to play a lead role when it takes a bow-wow at auction next month.
Take a bow-wow: The Queen is greeted by well-wishers - and a group of well-dressed corgis - at Sherbourne Abbey yesterday.
When seeking a site for their own home and office, Atelier Bow-Wow found this tricky flag-shaped site, in Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo.