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a man's tie that ties in a bow

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Love my pink @azziandosta bow-tie, I think all ladies should give bow-ties a try .
Due to multiple complicated design parameters, many bow-tie antennas have been designed with adequate impedance bandwidth, not more than 2 GHz [14-17], while some of them have been designed for a dual band of operation [18, 19].
It took more work than was initially thought, but through Autism Speaks, and Bow-Tie Cause, the man that is now known for his bow-ties as part of the FOX MLB Game of the Week, Rosenthal will be wearing an Autism Speaks bow-tie on April 28.
Highlights of the bow-tie era were enhanced faculty scholarship, a multiplication of clinical opportunities, inauguration of a new business law program, including an excellent curriculum in intellectual property, and the founding of two scholarly journals: Animal Law, now in its thirteenth volume, and the Lewis and Clark Law Review, now in its tenth.
In sagittal MRI of the knee, a bow-tie appearance is created by the anterior and posterior horns of the meniscus, which are seen as touching low-signal-intensity triangles.
SHAPE OF SUCCESS: From left, Mark Caddick, of VT Plus Training, Louise Hobbs, of the Learning and Skills Council, Debbie Burston, of Eurest, and chef Jason Whitehouse with his bow-tie pizza
Scientists found that the straight-laced, criss-cross methods proved to be the strongest way of tying laces, by producing more tension, but that the bow-tie used less lace and was thus more efficient.
These dipole variations are called bow-tie or bifin antennas.
The bow-tie map of the Web offers a much more three-dimensional model for understanding the Web than we've had in the past.
The bow-tie shape rendered both "rooms" and objects gawky and perversely non-ergonomic--dystopic, even.
The subject will be the new, 30-story, 855,000 square-foot Reuters Building located at Three Times Square, a crucial link between the famous Times Square bow-tie area and the newly revitalized 42nd Street theater and entertainment district.
Mellor's Law is clear on this one: never trust a man in a bow-tie.
MasterImage's systems offer the highest level of picture quality and clarity to our movie-goers in a 3D cinematic experience," said Ben Moss, Owner of Bow-Tie.
Only a week after binning the troubled Korean moniker in favour of the Chevrolet bow-tie, the General has fielded a Matiz replacement called the M3X.