bow tie

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a man's tie that ties in a bow

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The absent bow tie sign in bucket-handle tears of the menisci in the knee.
I spent many a sleepless night thinking how I could make the cummerbund work, and invented the 'Cymrubund' and bow tie products made in the UK.'
Time magazine told of his "floppy earlobes, horn rimmed glasses, putty-like face and bow tie." From his barstool with the guys, Mike Royko said: "It's almost a shock to see someone with the wet look, owlish eyes, a bow tie and shapeless suit saying, 'I'm running for president.'"
He says the best advice he ever got about being on television came from Larry King, and it had nothing to do with bow ties. "The trick is to care," King told him, "but not too much.
Mary's who will coach his final home game today in a career that spans 49 seasons and more than 800 victories, most of them wearing his signature bow tie.
In fact, you and I all know that this is the end of the road for the dreaded Duval County Bow Tie Gang of (former Justice Ray) Ehrlich and Harding."
Long a bow tie wearer, Bonn worked for a couple of Colorado commercial fabrics manufacturers, and started Carrot & Gibbs in 1987 with a Loan from his father.
Add a matching bow tie - done or undone - and you'll be turning heads at the office party.
The suit and bow tie - a virtual uniform for Nation of Islam officials - brings back a custom so dorky even George Will has given up on it as insufficiently hep.
Paul Simon instituting a corporate dress code requiring all employees--male and female--to wear a bow tie. Imagine West Virginia Sen.
When selecting your bow tie, you should pay careful attention to the material which the bow tie is made from.
Smarten up your pet with this jazzy bow tie - it loops on collars and fits any size pooch from chihuahua to great Dane.
Bright blue 3 piece suit, PS14-PS42 (3-14 years), bow tie PS6 (5-14 years), cotton shirt, PS12-PS18 (3-16 years) Driving shoes, PS26-PS28 (5 small - 12 small)