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Synonyms for knee

hinge joint in the human leg connecting the tibia and fibula with the femur and protected in front by the patella

joint between the femur and tibia in a quadruped

the part of a trouser leg that provides the cloth covering for the knee

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Young Kurds who don't identify with Iraq will not bow the knee to a sectarian and more corrupt politics that despises their progressive policies
By salvaging a career bogey four from the ruins of a disastrous 17th hole and then holing almost identical 20ft birdie putts on the 72nd and 73rd holes, the first of them with Tiger less than a yard from the cup, he did unto Tiger what Tiger has being doing unto rivals for the past decade and more, and eventually even the great man himself was forced to bow the knee.
Why does everyone bow the knee to the purveyors of the Great Pretend?
I believe those atheists - including reader PR Jones (Daily Post, January 23) - do need our prayers, because one day, I - and millions round this sad, sad world - believe strongly that they and all people will bow the knee to their Creator God, and confess that He alone is Jesus Christ the Lord (Philippians 2, Verses 10 and 11).
9:6 "Bow the knee, o Insurance-ites and Reinsurance-ites, and acknowledge us before thee.
Perhaps Dawkins, who succeeded Anthony Flew as the number one atheist in the world (Anthony Flew having recently become a theist himself) will himself bow the knee! The fact that Alister himself experienced conversion as a young man might even make this unlikelihood more possible.
Yet even before beating overmatched substitute Hague, the Nottingham man was claiming to be the most talented sportsman in Britain - sportsman, mind, not boxer - and named the likes of David Beckham, Jensen Button and Tim Henman among those who should bow the knee to him.
Up for grabs is 49% of the government's holding of Telkom Kenya but Moi is adamant that he will not bow the knee to the World Bank and IMF and sell it cheaply.
And Sanchez, perhaps one of the most famous names in the annals of giant-killing, was ready to bow the knee last night to Wycombe's newest hero, Sam Parkin.
His big Ayr Gold Cup hope Pipalong should be well placed in the Listed Flying Fillies Stakes but may have to bow the knee to Jeremy Noseda's Wannabe Grand, who has not as yet fulfilled the high expectations held of her.
As I watched England, full of bravado before kick-off, bow the knee to Uruguay in exactly the same way as they did with Italy (even down to the order of goals) I was left with an inevitable thought.
Somehow, they just refused to bow the knee. There was no style to their revival, just an unrelenting conviction that they'd somehow get there.
Thus we have William Hill threatening to pull their sponsorship of races from courses that no longer wish to bow the knee to the great God SIS.
Brian Rice and I went to watch Rangers play at Kilmarnock and Jim Jefferies' players refused to bow the knee, even though they were under pressure a lot of the time.
After eight straight wins Narberth had to bow the knee to the students in a gripping game which could have gone either way.