bow legs

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outward curvature of the legs

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Bow legs make the knees appear wide apart and the legs look like a circle, while knock knees is a condition which makes the knees appear to bend inward towards each other.
KNEES UP Posing with her partner Brad Pitt THIGH THERE Ange pauses to flash her leg again onstage before presenting award BOW LEGS The spoof Twitter picture of Angelina NO CALF MEASURES Angelina shakes a leg on red carpet
They had the cartoon bow legs, Stetson hats and thick accents.
NEW TRADITIONS To create a modern take on classics, use furnishings with ornate detailing such as the scrolling and antiquing on the sideboard, the bow legs of the chairs and buttons of the armchairs.
Now I accept that my inherited bow legs do make me walk like John Wayne after he's just ridden halfway across the Old West.
Such a vulnerable system can be knocked off balance very easily by intrinsic factors such as excessive bow legs or knock-knees; people whose joints move more than they should, particularly where the knee can bend backwards (hyperextension); people who have a slightly stiff hip; and those whose feet go flat when running (pronation), according to King.
The popularity of macro biotic diets -free of dairy products, wheat and meat -is being linked with the re- emergence of a disease which classically produces bow legs.
The disease resulted in toddlers being unable to walk and developing bow legs, researchers from Birmingham Children's Hospital found.
KNEES UP J Posing with her partner Brad Pitt NO CALF JMEASURES Angelina shakes a leg on red carpet BOW LEGS J The spoof Twitter picture of Angelina
He had bow legs, nobbly knees and wore long Rugby shorts - amazingly we won the tournament!
RICKETS, the childhood disease which causes bow legs and soft bones, is back on the increase in Britain.
The bandy bandit was caught out when security film of raids on jewellery shops showed his bow legs.
Rickets stunts growth and produces bow legs. It's caused by chronic lack of vitamin D and lack of exposure to sunlight, and all but died out in the welfare state.
A study has found that nearly 20 per cent of youngsters are at risk of developing bow legs and other bone problems simply because they don't get enough sunlight.
ANGELA REPLIES: Bow legs are so common in children starting to walk that it is usually regarded as normal.