bow leg

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Synonyms for bow leg

outward curvature of the legs

a leg bowed outward at the knee (or below the knee)

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'At the University College Hospital, Ibadan, we have been working on correcting bow legs, what is termed Blount's disease in medical parlance, using the Ilizarov technique.
Conditions such as in-toes, flat feet, bow legs and knock knees can manifest in many infants and small children and these orthopaedic conditions can affect the shape of their legs and feet.
model Cara Delevingne is complaining about the paparazzi following her around all the time and Kate Moss was whining on about her bow legs.
The bone analysis revealed that kid's ages ranged from newborn to about 5 years old and six of the nine skeletons displayed curved arms and bow legs, which are the classic signs of rickets, Discovery News reported.
Carol admits they were "horrified" when they first clapped eyes on Max's bow legs.
Try Crown Twist carpet, PS11.99 sq/m at Behar Carpets, EXTRA DETAILING Bow legs, brass handles and sculpted edges lift the bedside tables and dressing table out of the ordinary and add a subtle detail that enhances the stunning boudoir effect.
KNEES UP J Posing with her partner Brad Pitt NO CALF JMEASURES Angelina shakes a leg on red carpet BOW LEGS J The spoof Twitter picture of Angelina
Among the lists are artificial leg and eye makers, abdominal belt manufacturers, for children and adults with bow legs and knock knees, and slop sellers who took animal waste and leftover food to be sold as fertiliser.
A FEW years ago, having rickets meant: 'malnutrition causing bow legs and enlargement of the liver and spleen.'
The woman was waiting on the Hagley Road at 7am when another woman -who police described as black, aged 20 to 35, around five foot and chubby with bow legs -grabbed the items out of her hand.