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  • verb

Synonyms for bow down

get into a prostrate position, as in submission


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bend one's knee or body, or lower one's head

References in classic literature ?
Eumaeus was frightened at the outcry they all raised, so he put the bow down then and there, but Telemachus shouted out at him from the other side of the cloisters, and threatened him saying, "Father Eumaeus, bring the bow on in spite of them, or young as I am I will pelt you with stones back to the country, for I am the better man of the two.
Jo went prepared to bow down and adore the mighty ones whom she had worshiped with youthful enthusiasm afar off.
There are some low minds (not many, I am happy to believe, but there are some) that would prefer to do what I should call bow down before idols.
I did not bow down to you, I bowed down to all the suffering of humanity," he said wildly and walked away to the window.
Alice," she said, "the Huron offers us both life, nay, more than both; he offers to restore Duncan, our invaluable Duncan, as well as you, to our friends--to our father-- to our heart-stricken, childless father, if I will bow down this rebellious, stubborn pride of mine, and consent--"
Could they bow down in prayer, and when all Heaven turned to hear them, bring the dark shade of sadness on one angel's face?
General Secretary also claimed that JUI-F workers could not be bow down with any pressure.
Like wise any country from whom you will obtain loan you will have to bow down before it, he remarked.
Junking the idea that yoga requires bowing down to Hindu deities or the sun, the Yoga guru said, "Yoga doesn't demand that you bow down to anyone.
Addressing guests at the event held in the grounds of London's Royal Hospital Chelsea yesterday, he said: "Physically, I bow down to these guys.
The launcher arm drops away only when you shoot, not when you let your bow down slowly.
But to bow down to robbing citizens and future citizens of access to good facilities is surely a retrograde step for a prospective city of culture and a capital city of Wales.
In spite of the Ebola virus disease (EVD) outbreak threats, Kenya s national carrier Kenya Airways (KQ) has said it will not bow down to public demands to stop flying to the West Africa region.
I do not bow down in front of anyone, but I bow down in front of these children," said AteE- referring to the students participating in the festival.
Washington, May 9 ( ANI ): Justin Bieber has responded to Seth Rogan's "Piece of s***" remark by saying that he is sorry that he didn't bow down to him when he first asked to the comedian.