bow and arrow

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a weapon consisting of arrows and the bow to shoot them

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Most often it is their bow and arrows that are shiny.
On the app, you can place your order for the Nerf bow and arrow set, choose one of the specific locations to pick it up, and then meet the truck.
Bamboo bow and arrow maker Chirom Shamuyai was inspired by his coach to take up the business.
If you fall into one of these categories, you have the potential to enjoy the woods with bow and arrow in hand.
The revised offer followed further talks between Bow and Arrow and comes after a steep sell-off in global financial markets.
MONTCLAIR - In a scene more reminiscent of the Wild West than modern railways, police shot and wounded a man who allegedly took over a freight train with a bow and arrow.
How old the bow and arrow are is uncertain, but they were in use by 20,000 B.
One of the most crucial elements is having an ideal bow and arrow setup that eliminates any mechanical error and leaves the shot up to you.
London, July 10 ( ANI ): It took more than two million years for early humans to create the bow and arrow after they started making tools, say scientists.
Published in 1878, this book, along with the Thompsons' magazine articles during this same time period, sparked the initial explosion of interest in hunting with bow and arrow.
Most of us really get into the aesthetics of what it is to hunt with a bow and arrow,'' said Fritz, a hunting and safety educator who has published literature on the subject.
When I came to work here, I saw all the archery magazines and I saw other people shooting, and it took me a week before I went out (to Woodley Park) and picked up a bow and arrow,'' said Wise of Canoga Park.
FOR AS LONG AS I can remember, I've been fascinated with the bow and arrow.