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Evidence for transmission of bovine leukemia virus by rectal palpation in commercial dairy herd.
Abbreviations AGID: Agar gel immunodiffusion ANOVA: Analysis of variance AP: Apparent prevalence BLV: Bovine leukemia virus DHI: Dairy herd improvement ELISA: Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay NAHMS: National Animal Health Monitoring System OD: Optical density.
Key words: Bovine leukemia virus, calves, cattle, ELISA and nested-PCR.
Mechanisms of leukemogenesis induced by bovine leukemia virus: prospects for novel anti-retroviral therapies in humans.
Defective DNA repair in cells with human T-cell leukemia / bovine leukemia viruses: role of tax gene.
Moreover, the frequency of -824G allele was higher in individuals with bovine leukemia virus (BLV) induced lymphoma than in asymptomatic carrier individuals.
et al., "Simultaneous presence of bovine papillomavirus and bovine leukemia virus in different bovine tissues: in situ hybridization and cytogenetic analysis," Genetics and Molecular Research, vol.
Use of Polymerase chain reaction to diagnose bovine leukemia virus infection in calves at birth.
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