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Synonyms for bovine

Synonyms for bovine

of or relating to or belonging to the genus Bos (cattle)


dull and slow-moving and stolid

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Effect of thiol compounds on in vitro development and intracellular glutathione content of bovine embryos.
The number of cases of human infection with bovine TB is low and stable.
There are simple and practical ways for farmers to reduce risk to their herds and neighbouring businesses from bovine TB which are set out in this new action plan approved by vets and farming experts.
The chapter 5 summarizes bovine serum albumin prices data.
In August 2013, despite active surveillance at country borders and in-country animal health controls, a new bovine TB outbreak in Panama was reported to OIE (6).
But Queen guitarist May, who is leading "Team Badger", said: "Independent scientific studies have shown that culling would be of little help in reducing bovine tuberculosis, and even suggest that it could make things worse in some areas.
These stags have the potential to carry and spread bovine TB across the area where they are chased.
Furthermore, although horse serum is not ordinarily required to maintain growth of C6 cells, the combination of 10% horse serum and 5% fetal bovine serum was able to protect these cells from chlorpyrifos as well; the lower concentrations of fetal bovine serum alone, typically used with C6 cells, did not protect the cells from chlorpyrifos.
Currently, manufacturers use collagen and gelatin produced primarily from bovine by-products.
The source of the bovine disease is thought to be animal feed from processed offal and other parts of slaughtered sheep.
com/research/8eeace/the_world_market_f) has announced the addition of the "The World Market for Live Bovine Animals: A 2011 Global Trade Perspective" report to their offering.
New legislation to further protect Scotland s livestock from Bovine Tuberculosis (TB) comes into effect today.
Global Fetal Bovine Serum Industry Report 2015 is a market research study that provides statistical analysis for manufacturing cost structure, technical data and manufacturing plants, production analysis of fetal bovine serum market by regions, technology as well as applications and more.
QTL comparative gene map : We downloaded bovine QTL information from the Animal QTLdb 'QTL locations by bp' file that supported chromosome coordinates, traits, QTL evidence, and publication year.
Because ditaurobilirubin (DTB), which is present in most commercial calibrators, and bovine serum, which is used instead of human serum for preparing calibrators, have been shown to interfere with the measurement of bilirubin (3), we investigated the effects of DTB and bovine serum on the measurement of total bilirubin by diazo methods.