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Boselaphine bovids from the Dhok Pathan Formation of the Middle Siwaliks are identified, described and discussed in this paper.
This choice enabled us to obtain precise and comparable data because during this period detection of BSE was based on the mandatory reporting system and on the comprehensive active surveillance program (10,11); these 2 systems are complementary and ensure screening of every bovid [greater than or equal to] 24 months of age, dead or slaughtered.
jejuni in farm animals such as bovids and chickens may show greater similarity than those from other hosts (5,9), the approach may be more accurate when considering C.
Regarding the bovid composition of the fauna, the forerunners of Boselaphus tragocamelus, Bubalus arnae, Bison bison, Bos taurus, Bibos banteng and Antilope cervicapra are present in the youngest sediments of the Siwaliks.
The specimens are differentiated from the other bovids of Lava by the pronounced neck.
Nevertheless, boselaphines are one of the dominant bovids found in the Late Miocene of Africa and Eurasia with a variety of morphs ranging small-medium to large size (Gentry, 1970, 1971, 1994; Vrba and Schaller, 2000; Khan et al.
Tsao said that different species have different adaptations to the cold, for example, many bovids will seek to shelter behind structures that shield them from the wind and lay in thick hay in their enclosures when sleeping.
However, more recent phylogenetic evidence suggests that ancestors of modern humans, living on the savannahs of Africa and preying on antelope and other bovids, became colonized with Taenia >3 million years ago.
The effects of terrain on long bone robusticity and cross-sectional shape in lower limb bones of bovids, Neandertals, and Upper Paleolithic modern humans.
After this third bioevents the rhinocerotoids, anthracotherids, proboscideans, carnivores, chalicotheres, deinotheres, bovids, suids, Creodonta, ruminantia, amynodontiae, and crocodilians were found in the Indo-Pakistan subcontinent.
Snail-borne diseases in bovids at high and low altitude in Eastern Uganda: Integrated parasitological and malacological mapping.
In El Castillejo, excavators noted significant livestock activity, which mainly involved ovicaprids and, to a lesser extent, bovids as well as an abundance of suids in the lower levels (Fernandez Rodriguez and Rodriguez Vinceiro, 1995: 68).
abortus strains in aborted foeti, vaginal swabs and milk samples collected from bovids that had either aborted or produced antibodies to Brucella in milk.
The hair coating these shaggy bovids from Central Asia is softer and more sustainable than many other types of wool, which is why the boutique company Teixidors uses the material in its wares and accessories.