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The turolian fauna from the Island of Samos, Greece; with special emphasis on the hyaenids and the bovids. Contrib.
saginata uses reindeer (Rangifer tarandus) instead of bovids as the intermediate host.
305 The large bovids typical of the monsoon forest are well represented in the Huai Kha Khaeng Reserve (Thailand).
In modern animals, these are among the few infectious diseases that principally affect bovids, showing up less frequently in other mammals.
Nevertheless, boselaphines are one of the dominant bovids found in the Late Miocene of Africa and Eurasia with a variety of morphs ranging small-medium to large size (Gentry, 1970, 1971, 1994; Vrba and Schaller, 2000; Khan et al., 2014).
Of the 107 isolates, 25 were from poultry (A), 25 from wild birds (B), 24 from bovids (C), and 33 from humans (D).
In this study, we investigated the genetic variation in ZFX gene locus exon 5 between the two buffalo breeds of Pakistan: Nili-Ravi and Kundi and made comparison with other bovids.
The similarity of the behavior to sign-posting in cervids and bovids suggests that scent marking is a possible function.
In bovids, a trophy's 'score' is based on measurements of horn length, basal perimeter and maximum separation.
Variation at these 5 microsatellite loci in moose is relatively low, but within the range observed for these loci and other microsatellites in cervids and bovids. Little genetic differentiation was observed among the 3 Quebec populations ([] = 0.025).
The locality is dominated by red coloured mud/ shale and sandstone that made up the basal part of the Chinji Formation, has a very abundant vertebrate fauna, including fishes, amphibians, reptiles (crocodile and alligator are dominant), birds and mammals (bovids are dominant in mammals).
The SOD1 coding sequence showed a total of 459 nucleotides which encodes the cooper/zinc superoxide dismutase protein with 152 amino acids the same sizes observed in others bovids (cattle sheep and goat) but smaller than sizes observed to pig (462 nucleotides and 153 amino acids) human horse and rodents (465 nucleotides and 154 amino acids).
CPXV, which causes only mild infection in humans, contains the largest genome of all sequenced orthopoxviruses ([approximately equal to] 220 kb), encodes 223 open reading frames (ORFs), and has a broad host range that includes rodents, humans, felids, bovids, and voles (7-10).
Trade-offs between diet and risk of predation by female ruminants have been well documented for bovids (Festa-Bianchet 1988, Berger 1991, Rachlow & Bowyer 1998, Hamel & Cote 2007, Moe et al.
For instance, hind limbs also vary with the exponent of body mass to [kg.sup.0.26] among bovids, and reach maximal size long before asymptotic body mass is attained (Schmidt-Nielsen 1984).