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Coe & Carr (1983) reported that within a given species, specifically many bovid species, weight of dry dung pellets may be related to the weight of the individual defecator; thus allowing an age-structure to be created (Putman 1984).
3643 Stewart, B.A., Modifications on the bovid bone assemblage from Dunefield Midden, South Africa: stage one of a multivariate taphonomic analysis.
The group took data from the literature on bovid leg bones and found that they fit the pattern: mountainous bovids, such as sheep and mountain goats, overall had shorter lower leg bones than their relatives on flat land, such as antelopes and gazelles, even when they lived in the same climates.
Yak (Bos grunniens), the multipurpose bovid which provides milk, meat, wool and much- needed pack capability on precipitous slopes, belongs to the sub-family Bovine of the family Bovidae.
During March 2009, an algal bloom occurred in a reservoir from central Argentina, coinciding with the death of some animal species like two horses Equus caballus, a bovid Bos taurus, a "coipo" Myocastor coypus, and more than 60 wild birds, mainly "gallareta" Fulica sp.
Antibodies to bovid herpesvirus 2 in the sera from cattle in the Netherlands.
A U-series date from a bovid tooth of uncertain provenance from Sambungmacan with a median range of 32 to 53 ka is considered by Swisher et al (1996) to provide an age for the Sambungmacan hominins.
More such figurines, mostly humanoid or bovid in form, were excavated at Manaouctchi-Grea, a site in the northern Mandara mountains in Cameroon, by S.
He did it--a dozen years before the famously cloned bovid, Dolly--with sheep.
TSEs have also been reported in Europe in captive wild ruminants in the bovid family, cats, and monkeys.
For instance, the relative abundance of species from three major bovid groups changed over time in unique ways at two sites in Ethiopia and two in Kenya, say Rene Bobe of the Smithsonian Institution and his coworkers.
This part of buffalo country isn't far from the Cobourg Peninsula, and to bovid lovers this means one thing -- banteng.
In its native range it is known to prey on a wide variety of vertebrates and invertebrates (Corbet and Hill 1992), and even on bovid droppings, perhaps for the insects on them (Haque 1989).