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They suggest that the single or double vertical stripes depicted running down the centre of the bovid bodies (Figure 11.
I am struck by Renfrew's use of the word "nibbling" in this discussion of the ontological enquiry undertaken by contemporary artists--or what I like to call "visual authors"--pointing as it does to a word employed by humans to describe a delicate but determined mode of eating characteristic of rodents, but also related to the mastication methods of horses, bovids, and sheep, amongst others (Renfrew 2003: 7).
Investigating closely related bovids brought this trend into even sharper relief.
For instance, the relative abundance of species from three major bovid groups changed over time in unique ways at two sites in Ethiopia and two in Kenya, say Rene Bobe of the Smithsonian Institution and his coworkers.
Moose from Quebec have fewer alleles or lower heterozygosity at IGF-1 compared to white-tailed deer, mule deer, caribou, and elk (Cervus elaphus), but values similar to those for reindeer (Rangifer tarandus), cattle, and the mean of 10 bovid species (Kirkpatrick 1992, Engel et al.
This part of buffalo country isn't far from the Cobourg Peninsula, and to bovid lovers this means one thing -- banteng.
Mountain goats are a form of caprine bovid (Artiodactyla: Bovidae: Caprinae) and typically are placed within the problematic, and likely polyphyletic, tribe Rupicaprini (Gentry 1992).
The Bison bison is a member of the Bovid family; although not a true buffalo, it is related to the Indian water buffalo, African Cape buffalo, and the European bison.
Since 1984, in Europe, infections have been reported in 1 human in the Netherlands (12) and in 1 bovid from Italy (13).
The taphonomic relevance of the analysis of bovid long limb bone shaft features and their application to element identification: study of bone thickness and morphology of the medullar cavity.
Vrba has compiled a database of 147 African bovid species reaching back over the last 14 million years.
On bovid assemblages and rheir consequences for the knowledge of subsistence patterns in the Middle Palaeolithic.
strains Human, n = 193 Symptomatic 154 Asymptomatic 7 No information 32 Animal, n = 76 Bird 38 Pig 31 Cat 1 Deer 1 Bovid 1 Sheep 1 No information 3 Environment, n = 6 6 * EPEC, enteropathogenic Escherichia coli; EHEC, enterohemorrhagic E.
Although hunters trap the creature, biologists only recently took stock of it, classifying it as Pseudoryx, a new genus in the bovid family of cattle, goats, and antelopes.
These remains were almost entirely bovid and confined to the upper levels of the site, which Possehl has determined to be of Rangpur III Lustrous Red ware date and affinity.