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long nerve fiber that conducts away from the cell body of the neuron

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Bouton never got his team, but neither were Pittsfield's citizens fleeced for a new stadium.
During the 1969 season, Bouton began keeping notes and, with the help of sportswriter Leonard Shecter, hoped to publish a book on his experiences in the game.
Bouton is a graduate of Cornell University and Seton Hall University School of Law.
Because of the federal funding cut, Bouton said the community council will have to cut back on marketing and outreach.
For example, the sights, sounds, and the smell of your favorite restaurant might signal the availability of your favorite food, causing your mouth to water and ultimately guiding you to eat," noted Schepers and Bouton. "Like sights, sounds, and smells, internal sensations can also come to guide behavior, usually in adaptive and useful ways: We learn to eat when we feel hunger, and learn to drink when we feel thirst.
Additionally, to test if APP affects AZ spatial density, area of each individual bouton (Figure 4(c)) and the number of AZs per corresponding bouton area were estimated.
The technology potentially could help people not only after spinal-cord injuries but after strokes or traumatic brain injuries, Bouton adds.
In a step towards classification, we present evidence for differences in the density of two types of boutons, terminaux and en passant, in feed-forward projections from S1.
Four groups of rats received acquisition in context A, extinction in context B, and returned to context A during testing with water available at any given time (ABA renewal design, e.g., Bouton & Bolles, 1979).
Jonathan Irving Bouton was charged on Tuesday in Lane County Circuit Court with two counts of first -degree burglary, seven counts of identity theft, first- degree aggravated theft and unlawful delivery of heroin - all felony crimes.
The new model, published in the May 30 Science, reveals the roles of proteins in the synaptic bouton, a structure at the tip of a nerve cell's message-sending axon.
Chad Bouton, research leader at Battelle, said: "It's like a heart bypass, but we're bypassing electrical signals instead of blood.
Senior Analyst Sophie Bouton said: "As part of Lloyds Corporate Responsibility staff are encouraged to carry out one day a year for a charitable volunteering project.
The ABA procedure involves pairings of a conditioned stimulus (CS) with an unconditioned stimulus (US) in a particular set of contextual cues (context A); then in a second stage the prior CS-US association is extinguished but in a different context (context B); and finally, when subjects are tested in context A, the extinguished CR reappears, that is, responding to the CS is renewed (Bouton & Bolles, 1979; Bouton & Peck, 1989; Rosas, Vila, Lugo, & Lopez, 2001).