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Synonyms for bout

Synonyms for bout

a limited, often assigned period of activity, duty, or opportunity

an often prolonged period, as of illness


Synonyms for bout

(sports) a division during which one team is on the offensive

a period of illness

a contest or fight (especially between boxers or wrestlers)

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an occasion for excessive eating or drinking

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Apart from this bout, three more bouts will take place at the Great India Place ( GIP) mall in Noida.
The third bronze medal bout of the evening, between the popular Michael O'Reilly of Ireland and Egyptian Hosam Abdin saw a controversial decision, when the judges' decision went in favour of the Egyptian, though O'Reilly clearly looked the better boxer in all three rounds.
Bout India is not only a tourism company but also a way to spread happiness.
Quite a bit will be at stake in this bout. Hammer is the reigning World Boxing Organization champion and she will be attempting to defend her belt.
Attacks occurred in four of the 17 bouts, and all four were bouts in which both males vocalized at least once during the bout.
(file:///D:/vit%20backup%20files/IBT%20Australia%202014/Articles/May%202014/May%203-5/Boxing%20News%202014%20Floyd%20Mayweather%20to%20Wear%20Power%20RangerType%20of%20Attire%20for%20Saturday%20Bout%20But%20Fight%20in%20Danger%20of%20Cancellation%20Due%20to%20Maidanas%20Gloves.docx) Boxing News 2014: Floyd Mayweather to Wear Power Ranger-Type of Attire for Saturday Bout, But Fight in Danger of Cancellation Due to Maidana's Gloves
Leon Armes, 10, had his second skills bout and performed well against Paul Railton from the home club.
The Court first rejects Bout's claim that the prosecution was vindictive and violated his constitutional right to due process.
Chichakli faces extradition to the US on charges that he conspired with convicted arms trafficker Bout - dubbed 'The Merchant of Death' - to buy planes so weapons could be transported to conflict-ridden hotspots all over the world.
As applicable to the strength gains, the cross-transfer effect have been proposed as plausible for the protection against muscle damage after a first bout of damaging exercise to a contra lateral muscle.
Officials confirmed it was a competitive bout and Williams went on to win.
The former MP got himself into trouble after accusing a contestant of cheating at the bout in Welshpool in the heart of his old consituency.
Bout, 45, who was the subject of a 2007 book titled Merchant of Death by investigative journalists Douglas Farah and Stephen Braun, and on whose life the Nicholas Cage 2005 movie Lord of War was loosely based, asserted his innocence during the sentencing.
The sentencing has been delayed twice, with Bout s lawyer demanding more time to prepare his request for leniency and accusing prosecutors of "outrageous government conduct" in allegedly entrapping Bout.
Brawlers' skater Lola Coaster said: "We played the Rising Stars last year in what was only our third ever bout, so we're definitely fighting for the win this time.