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an ancient writing system: having alternate lines written in opposite directions

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Among the different subclasses of Scan-DREC determined by different scanning strategies, we study here the class Snake-DREC of languages recognized by deterministic Wang automata directed by boustrophedonic scanning strategies.
The strategies from (a) to (e) are all continuous: (a) has a boustrophedonic behavior, (b) draws nested L-like path, (c) draws nested U-like paths, (d) has a spiral behavior, (e) combines the behavior of (a) in the first half of the picture and (d) in the second one.
In particular we characterize the boustrophedonic scanning strategy S in terms of line unambiguity.
The term snake comes from the boustrophedonic order of visiting of the pixels: if we draw the trajectory of the scanning strategy, it looks like a snake covering line by line (or column by column) the whole picture.
Civilization, perforce, is boustrophedonic: x-y-z; z-y-