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an ancient writing system: having alternate lines written in opposite directions

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The boustrophedon survey design, or a more regular and approximately rectangular pattern design, was found to be most useful in simultaneously photographing the seafloor and acoustically mapping it.
Choset, "Coverage of known spaces: The boustrophedon cellular decomposition," Autonomous Robots, vol.
oxen walks boustrophedon in a small field tended a garden so
slowly laying open the same long slippery furrow." Note the casual gesture at boustrophedon here, as laborers turn their plow by "working out" in the pool rather than the fields.
In Greece, before 600 BC, there was no clear decision regarding whether writing should go from left to right or from right to left (or even boustrophedon, where the direction of writing followed the path of the plough in a field and lines had to be read in alternating directions).
You honor her presence by viewing her hair, recalling her successive selves: sexy, sashaying nymphet; deeply pensive graduate student, all Bachelard and Cioran; forthright poet shifting from planets to psychoanalysis--all as one, a kind of boustrophedon with selves superimposed on one another like crisscrossed lines of writing.
Evan Parker/Transatlantic Art Ensemble - Boustrophedon (ECM)
90 Liddell & Scott's Greek Lexicon and OED concur that the adverb is BOUSTROPHEDON, not BOUSTROPHON.
Two rupestral horoi found on the Hill of the Nymphs in Athens, IG [I.sup.3] 1055 A ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] [retrograde with reversed sigmas]) and B ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]), are not a single boustrophedon text as usually edited.
On the political level, every island implies separation and rebellion (Crete, Sicily, Ireland, Cuba, the Falklands), and on the literary level it engenders fantasy and phantasms, for within its perimeter fiction can experiment in total freedom (Robinson Crusoe's island, the island of Dr Moreau, the island of Boustrophedon, the island of Robert de la Grive, the island of Morel).
Ring composition, or classical Latin inclusio and medieval emboitement, as the device is also known, resembles architectonically a host of other small-scale or local tropes, figures, and graphic or acoustic games: the palindrome, the boustrophedon or mirror-spelled word, anadiplosis, the stanzaic corona, hysteron proteron, and, most important, antimetabole.