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an ancient writing system: having alternate lines written in opposite directions

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The text is three lines long, in high relief, and written in boustrophedon style starting in the top right-hand corner.
You honor her presence by viewing her hair, recalling her successive selves: sexy, sashaying nymphet; deeply pensive graduate student, all Bachelard and Cioran; forthright poet shifting from planets to psychoanalysis--all as one, a kind of boustrophedon with selves superimposed on one another like crisscrossed lines of writing.
Evan Parker/Transatlantic Art Ensemble - Boustrophedon (ECM)
90 Liddell & Scott's Greek Lexicon and OED concur that the adverb is BOUSTROPHEDON, not BOUSTROPHON.
Numerals were usually written from left to right, though right-to-left and boustrophedon inscriptions are not unknown.