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The warmth of heart which Martin ridiculed and resented, intensified by its very repression, bubbled out to others in cheery helpfulness, and blessed her quick tears.
Warm and happy, they had bubbled over with gay small-talk.
Richard Twining bubbled over with quaint absurdities, and George Road, conscious that he need not exhibit a brilliancy which was almost a by-word, opened his mouth only to put food into it.
Before her was a small cauldron standing over a low fire and in it bubbled a thick, reddish, tarry mass.
After they had traveled some distance, the day being warm and the road dusty, Robin Hood waxed thirsty; so, there being a fountain of water as cold as ice, just behind the hedgerow, they crossed the stile and came to where the water bubbled up from beneath a mossy stone.
This, he said, would account for its heat; but even as he spoke a bush, covered thickly with leaves and flowers, bubbled to the surface and floated off astern.
She bubbled over with interrogations which were never to be satisfied unless I learned to speak her tongue.
But a certain little gush of joy, as from some secret, unknown spring, bubbled up in her heart the next evening, when she saw Gilbert striding down through the Haunted Wood and crossing the old log bridge with that firm, quick step of his.
He bubbled with enthusiasms, and his faintest smile or lightest laugh seemed spontaneous and genuine.
She hung on, striving to press down with her teeth to the great vein were his life-blood bubbled.
She laughed--the nightingale notes of her merriment bubbled into my ears caressingly--why could I not shut my eyes and listen to them?
A cold spring bubbled from the base of a rocky formation which overhung and partially encircled a small inclosure.
On this fire a great cauldron bubbled and simmered, giving forth a rich and promising smell.
The ground at the farther end of the glade rose; and here, on the lower slopes, a bright little spring of water bubbled out between gray old granite rocks.
He applied a taper to the great bowl, and the smoke bubbled merrily through the rose-water.