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Si le romantisme est, comme Marx le reconnait dans les Grundrisse, la critique de la societe bourgeoise au nom d'une plenitude passee, Balzac est bel et bien un romantique.
C'est par l'ironie qu'il s'attaque aux moeurs de la bourgeoise et aux penchants de celle-ci de se faire manipuler par la puissante doxa.
She co-stars with Salma Samy in Hala El-Koussa's feature film debut "Cactus Flower," which tells the story of Aida, a struggling 30-something actor, and Samiha (Batroui), a bourgeoise recluse, who find themselves spending the day together.
Made from the best quality ingredients and prepared to perfection, the seven dishes on its new "Bistronomie" menu include "Salade Nicoise", "Plateau de Fruits de Mer" (Seafood platter), "Moules Marinieres" (Mussels with garlic and sweet cream butter), "Cabillaud a la Bordelaise" (Cod fillet), "Pot au Feu a la Bourgeoise" (Beef topside hot pot) and "Cordon-bleu au Comte" (Veal rump steak).
All this really hots up to boiling point whenever a British player is on court, when the levels of bourgeoise xenophobia and manic Union flag-waving have more than a whiff of an upmarket UKIP rally.
Instead of a wild, unhinged Klytemnestra, Michaela Martens portrayed an ample bourgeoise in sky blue satin, more in terror of dementia than an example of it.
Yet the 130-some puissant artworks gathered for this show promise an incisive exploration of black female radicality in variegated forms--whether the mixed-media assemblages of Betye Saar or Faith Ringgold's silk screens of the people's flag or a costume from Lorraine O'Grady's 1980 performance Mile Bourgeoise Noire.
Evoquant une architecture progressive bourgeoise, Dr Hani a rappele que c'est autour de cette ville caserne que vinrent s'etablir les premiers colons, attires par les bonnes terres des plaines environnantes.
However, Mailer's unpublished postage stamp-size story, "La Petite Bourgeoise," affords an example of some of the qualities prized in an effective short piece.
The author covers time and timelessness in the works of Alberto Giacometti, Rainer Maria Rilke, and Louise Bourgeoise; creativity and the oceanic experience in the work of Paul Klee; painting trauma and history in the work of Dina Gottliebova Babbitt, and a variety of other related subjects.
His love of painting led him to Georges Seurat's brilliant painting - Sunday afternoon on La Grande Jatte - an island on the Seine frequented by the lower bourgeoise of Paris.
MICHELLE'S IN HARBORNE Isn't it sad that it's now impossible to find proper bourgeoise French food like that which was served here?
Described charmingly as "a bourgeoise, circa 1913", it is modelled as a portly middle class woman wearing a blue scarf pinned tightly under her chin and clutching a bundle tied up in red.