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a pipe of the bagpipe that is tuned to produce a single continuous tone

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To summarize the debate briefly, we of course know how the five-course guitar was tuned in relative intervals (A-d-g-b-e'), but we are still arguing over the use of bass strings or bourdons on the 4th and 5th courses.
Nonetheless, the entire anthology is grouped by pieces without bourdons, with one bourdon, and with two bourdons as if following some cues from the originals.
Despite quibbling with a few of his points regarding bourdons or their absence, I would still whole-heartedly recommend Tyler's latest book to anyone approaching the five-course guitar.
(2.) These labels have never really caught on; guitarists generally refer to them simply as "with" or "without bourdons" (C and A) and "Corbetta's" or the "French stringing" (B).