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a pipe of the bagpipe that is tuned to produce a single continuous tone

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That compares with seven claims per 1,000 and an average claim of $112,351 for the rest of the United States, Bourdon said.
Mr Bourdon insisted: "The Act is so wide in its scope it allows full control to the State.
CPL BOURDON: You say that there are people seriously injured.
Confident and cordial, Melchior (Bernard Campan), Balthazar (Didier Bourdon) and Gaspard (Pascal Legitimus) demand free "hospitality" at the Ritz; learn to order at McDonald's; interact with airplanes, cell phones and soap operas; navigate clip joints; and befriend drug dealers.
On winning, Mauresmo hugged girlfriend Sylvie Bourdon, who kept shouting an encouraging "Allez" throughout the game.
As David Bourdon wrote in the catalogue, Warhol picked a group of "sixteenth to eighteenth century paintings" just as they were stacked in the cellar - some with "only their backs showing .
Venue: The Event Complex Aberdeen (TECA), Aberdeen, UK Contact: Davinia Bourdon, Sales Manage, Reed Exhibitions Ltd
Directed, written by Didier Bourdon, Bernard Campan.
Contact: Davinia Bourdon, Sales Manage, Reed Exhibitions Ltd
Platini's lawyer William Bourdon also insisted his client had not been arrested, but was heard "as a witness".