bounty hunter

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someone who pursues fugitives or criminals for whom a reward is offered

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a hunter who kills predatory wild animals in order to collect a bounty

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In "The Devil's Bride" bounty hunter Lou Prophet is stalking the notorious train robber Frank Beauregard, a man with as much conscience as a rattlesnake with a baby rabbit in its craw.
n Bounty Hunters is on Sky1 and NOW TV, Wednesdays, 10pm.
Above, Rosie Perez as bounty hunter Nina Morales and Jack Whitehall as Barnaby in Sky's new comedy Bounty Hunters.
They definitely are the odd couple,' explains Jack, who wrote Bounty Hunters with best pal and Bad Education co-creator Freddy Syborn.
Blake's father, also Paul, is an actor who played the bounty hunter Greedo in the original Star Wars film released in 1977, while his mother Kate was a dancer with the Royal Ballet.
Meanwhile, bounty hunters have been arrested from tehsil Ombar because of on time action of residents along with security officials against them.
As the bounty hunter and Daisy trek through the rural wilds of Wyoming, they are engulfed by a blizzard and seek refuge in a stagecoach lodge called Minnie's Haberdashery.
He is the author of "Harry Watt, Bounty Hunter," and is currently working on a second Harry Watt novel, as well as a collection of short stories.
THE BOUNTY HUNTER (5*, Thursday, 9pm) GERARD BUTLER stars as cop-turned-bounty hunter Milo who is given the unenviable task of tracking down his journalist ex-wife Nicole (Jennifer Aniston) after she skips bail.
THE BOUNTY HUNTER C5 9PM Bounty hunter Gerard Butler thinks it's Christmas: five grand to take out ex-wife Jennifer Aniston (above).
Our participation in this event last year resulted in two successful projects, Karouma and Aladdin the bounty hunter," she added.
The film tells the story of slave-turned-bounty hunter Django (Jamie) who takes on villains Ace and Calvin Candie (Leonardo), the owners of a Mississippi club and ranch, after being freed by German bounty hunter Dr.
Summary: NAJRAN: A budding Saudi bounty hunter has urged authorities to pay him the SR120,000 he had spent tracking down a fellow citizen who evaded a court order to pay a substantial dowry to his divorced wife by escaping to Yemen, local daily Al-Watan reported.