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in a bountiful manner

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The Chester County Chapter of the Alumni Association of Lincoln University is the region's organization of alumni of Lincoln University with a primary mission to bountifully support the university through fundraising, recruitment of students, encourage the support of local business and the community as well as to focus upon key pre-determined projects and initiatives chosen by the members.
The philosophy behind this extensive program of artificial propagation, relocation and stocking was clearly articulated by Hedderly in the Fish and Came Commission's 27th Biennial report in which Hedderly wrote, "Favored none too bountifully by Nature in the way of natural waters, the very scarcity of streams and lakes has brought by artificial means its own remedy.
Many children come from tough backgrounds themselves, but this never stops them giving bountifully," she said.
From 1959 to 1969, IFES student work grew bountifully.
This is because, as a note citing Leo the Great explains, Pentecost "was not so much the beginning of a gift as it was the completion of one already bountifully possessed: because the patriarchs, the prophets, the priests, and all the holy men who preceded them were already quickened by the life of the same Spirit, .
While Walder firmly establishes that the dynamics of nostalgia are "especially significant for--although not exclusive to people whose experiences derive from the massive uprootings generated by colonialism and its aftermaths" (163), a point that the study as a whole makes bountifully clear, the indisputable scholarly value of Postcolonial Nostalgias: Writing, Representation, and Memory must surely rest on its author's wide knowledge of contemporary literature, expert command of history, impressive handling of theory, and delightfully readable prose.
In other words, those who invest bountifully in education will certainly achieve plentiful socioeconomic progress, while those who invest scantily in education will reap scanty socioeconomic rewards.
So possessed is she with thrift that she ekes out an existence full of strife, bitterness, and resentment at not being more bountifully endowed.
How and why can people be hungry in a land so bountifully plentiful?
The genus Ruta (family Rutaceae) was bountifully used in the most ancient systematic records of medical practice of the Mediterranean world.
8220;In business networking, winning isn't about 'dying with the most toys'; It's about living bountifully with the biggest focused network,” says Clarity Advantage President Nick Miller.
Illustrations of thin-trunked, bountifully flowering trees are a common theme in the traditions of Japan, China, as well as Persian miniatures.
Back in the late 1980s when I had hair that sprouted bountifully, while not beating a hasty retreat from my forehead only to take refuge in my ears and nose, I like to think I was the very arbiter of great musical taste.
5) performance, his bass-baritone resonated bountifully with all that Quixotian nobility of spirit.
Yes, I thank God as he has blessed me so bountifully, and I'm certain Aunt Eula can hear me as she tends her heavenly garden.