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Synonyms for bounteousness

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Synonyms for bounteousness

generosity evidenced by a willingness to give freely


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scholar Kong Anguo: "Kong [Anguo] says, 'be mindful of the end' means to exhaust one's grief in mourning, and 'pursue afar' means to exhaust one's reverence in sacrifice; if the lord is able to practice these two, the people will transform their virtue [to the better] and they will all return to bounteousness" [phrase omitted] : [??] [phrase omitted], [phrase omitted], [phrase omitted], [phrase omitted], [phrase omitted][??].
And if it really is more blessed to give than to receive, the old boy's bounteousness was sumptuously rewarded by the waves of applause which confirmed that his definitive interpretation will remain a Wintermas favourite long after he has settled back into his front-of-circle seat in that great auditorium in the sky.
We all believe that churches should bear witness to bounteousness, to that which is freely offered, but we also need to live this out in a society where excellence and performance are the guiding principles, principles which sideline those who aspire to something other than domination or possession. Length Lowest number Symbol/Word 5 10093 Unnet 6 100936 Unneth 7 1009367 Unneths 8 10093697 Unnethes 9 102133807 Unbuttons 10 2133802176 Buttonbush 11 39018170977 Tenuousness 12 213380217597 Buttonbushes 13 2801398170977 Bounteousness 14 79071817097797 Sensuousnesses 15 281039817097797 Bounteousnesses 5 99797 Eeses 6 903690 Eothen 7 9779097 Essenes 8 97581797 Espouses 9 977906813 Essenhout 10 9779068137 Essenhouts 11 82979097797 Obesenesses 12 823179097797 Obtusenesses 13 3901817097797 Tenuousnesses 14 79071817097797 Sensuousnesses 15 281039817097797 Bounteousnesses
Respondents are not told, for example, that Washington's bounteousness toward local education may load more red tape onto already overburdened schools or distort educational objectives.