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Synonyms for bounteously

in a bountiful manner

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The whole point of taxation is to raise money: taxation does this bounteously."
The internet bounteously provides the huge library necessary.
That if any of the premisses, either the interpretour, or els the Printer shal be founde to haue failled, I for my parte shall not onely thinke my labours bounteously rewarded, but also knowlege my self highly bounden to render moste hartie thankes, if the gentle reader shall of his humanitee and honeste harte, vouche salue to set his penne and helping hand, to emende whatsoeuer errour it shall happen him to espie.
The Hebrew word is not weaned but instead means "dealt well with, dealt with bounteously." This sounds to me like a child who has just finished nursing.
In "What One Loves," Elytis expands bounteously on the song by Sappho in which she wants to see the absent girl or young woman Anactoria.
A host of extraordinary, trailblazing talents, whose unifying quality is that they eschew the humdrum, will be on hand to entertain the denizens of Ethania: Pwhelli's Andrew Hodges; acclaimed dancer and choreographer, Sarah Mumford; Bangor's S B Ting; Cut 23; the pricelessly idiosyncratic, Afallon; acoustic intimacy from Holyhead's own Rob Griffiths; Waxwane; the electronically-enhanced, bounteously talented, Mank; Alan Holmes' new alchemic musical project, Parking Non-Stop, that takes the sounds of the earth and turns them into beguiling soundscapes; Nixon and Jarvis; the sound craft of Duncan Black, and all compered by the Marquis Ethania-Ping.