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Synonyms for bounder

someone who is morally reprehensible

someone who bounds or leaps (as in competition)


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In the under-13 girls' 3x2k relay Middlesbrough were just run out of a podium place after finishing fourth while Gateshead were 31st, Gosforth 39th, North Shields Poly 49th, Gateshead B 50th and Blackhill Bounders 56th.
Sutcliffe He was absolutely brilliant at portraying the most disreputable members of the upper classes, especially cads, toffs and bounders.
It's a close thing between Sunderland Strollers and Blackhill Bounders who will register the second relegation spot though, with two tough fixtures to go at Alnwick Pastures and Wrekenton, anything can happen.
Division Two: Bowmen 264, Doorknockers 265; Taffs Well Rugby Club 292, Fortyniners 287; Aneurin Labour B 235, Aber Hotel 234; Caerphilly Allsorts 303, Bisons 283; Watford Spratts 315, Bounders 236.
Peshawar -- The governments of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Gilgit Baltistan have agreed for demarcation of bounders between the adjunct areas of both the provinces.
Johnny Welch hit a two-out, two-run homer in the first inning to give Worcester a 2-0 lead, but the Bounders came back with two runs in the bottom half.
Summary: London's "cads" and "bounders" have been getting in on the sporting act, hosting their eighth annual "Chap Olympiad".
Plus, don't miss Paul Delplanque's Remember When page on a Tuesday and his blog dedicated entirely to nostalgic memories of Teesside at A BUNCH OF "BOUNDERS": East Cleveland's "bounders" were hoping to raise hundreds of pounds for charity from their sponsored walk around Lockwood Parish in May 1988.
The Trust has created a unique space for all the generations of Outward Bounders to share their stories.
We want to place the different generations of Outward Bounders in the same "room"online and give them the chance to share their stories.
Are you an Outward Bounder? The charity, which has been helping young people for 68 years, wants to hear from veterans who can talk about their adventures in the wild to the younger generation of Outward Bounders, and keep the charity alive.
To many contemporaries 'L-G' and Churchill were, at least in their earlier years, regarded as 'bounders' yet each emerged from the fringe of party politics as great war leaders.
It seems some bounders have been noising up the public school blazers.
Wizard prangs and pieces of cake went out with the Second World War, along with spivs and twerps, just as bounders, cads and toffs had gone previously.
Firth and Everett are at their dashing, swaggering best, but neither are stretched by their roles as fibbing bounders. O'Connor brings a sternness and determination to her independent woman, and Witherspoon simpers to perfection with a convincing English accent.