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Synonyms for bounder

someone who is morally reprehensible

someone who bounds or leaps (as in competition)


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In the junior men's competition over the same 3x3k course, Blackhill Bounders were the first NE team home, finishing in 36th place - Jordan Bell their quickest - Gateshead finished in 38th place, Greg Chambers their best, while Morpeth, who had Nathan Cox in good form, crossed the line in 42nd spot.
Johnny Welch hit a two-out, two-run homer in the first inning to give Worcester a 2-0 lead, but the Bounders came back with two runs in the bottom half.
uk for all the generations of Outward Bounders to share their stories.
We want to place the different generations of Outward Bounders in the same "room"online and give them the chance to share their stories.
The charity, which has been helping young people for 68 years, wants to hear from veterans who can talk about their adventures in the wild to the younger generation of Outward Bounders, and keep the charity alive.
It seems some bounders have been noising up the public school blazers.
Wizard prangs and pieces of cake went out with the Second World War, along with spivs and twerps, just as bounders, cads and toffs had gone previously.
Firth and Everett are at their dashing, swaggering best, but neither are stretched by their roles as fibbing bounders.
Nick and JJ might have been a right pair of big-headed outward bounders.
Most members of this family are bounders, leaving a track pattern that shows the right and left front and rear prints side by side.
WHEN cads and bounders threaten good old Blighty, only Dick Barton can save the day.
Jackson's demand (``Scouts should not play role of bounders,'' Opinion, May 5) that the government should clamp down on religious groups that support the Boy Scouts
Bounders were despicable gentlemen who belied their title through ignominious acts -- such as betraying the confidence of a sister-in-law about her adultery which was discovered because she had trusted that a gentleman's discretion would be as superior as his medical reputation as he was the Queen's gynaecologist.
In 1986, we accepted one of Fleetwood RV's first production Bounders, and now it is our delight to participate again in another Fleetwood milestone.
The K/T boundary layer on Cuba contains huge bounders that may have been ejected from a nearby crater.