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Synonyms for bounden

owing something, such as gratitude or appreciation, to another

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morally obligatory

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He had heard that Sir Felix had left College with the character of being little better than a revolutionist in politics and an infidel in religion, and he arrived conscientiously at the conclusion that it was his bounden duty to summon the lord of the manor to hear sound views enunciated in the parish church.
Ned, being in college, of course put on all the airs which freshmen think it their bounden duty to assume.
After re-writing it throughout, it was regarded as the bounden duty of the historian to set himself to work immediately in correcting, from his own private knowledge and experience, the traditions of the day concerning the epoch at which he had originally lived.
Weller, on a hasty consideration of all the circumstances of the case, considered it her bounden duty to become gradually hysterical.
So he was promoted to the long thong of the leading dog, running five feet in advance of all the others: it was his bounden duty to stop all fighting, in harness or out of it, and he wore a collar of copper wire, very thick and heavy.
It will be the bounden duty of all aspiring politicians, therefore, before and after actual return to civilian rule, to conduct their electioneering and governmental affairs in such a manner as to help such officers to throttle their natural, but socially dangerous inclination to regain political power.
It has woven a chain of schools, colleges, a cadet college for boys and girls, to as bounden duty to uplift the face of a province crying for attention for long.
BAHAWALPUR -- Bahawalpur region is custodian of great traditions and heritage and it is the bounden duty of the youth to revive these glorious traditions by following in the footsteps of the forefather.
Pavlopoulos said that the preservation of historical memory as regards the Cyprus tragedy and the continuation of the struggle for a solution to the Cyprus Problem constitute Greece's bounden duty.
The Commanding Officer of the ship later read out the Commissioning Warrant pledging his bounden duty in safeguarding the interests of the nation with full of respect and honour.
It thus becomes our bounden duty to register our protest against further brazen violations," the letter reads.
"Had the President failed to act on the recommendation of the NDRRMC to address the environmental disaster in Boracay, he would have violated his bounden duty under existing laws and the Constitution," he added.
Starting with his oft-repeated remarks that Pakistan was not a charity dole out, but a blessing and great gift from God Almighty, coming into being after supreme sacrifices of the people for a separate homeland, he again stressed that it was our bounden duty to strengthen institutions for it to forge ahead and be counted in the comity of nations.
That bounden duty is expected as much from the current President and his administration.