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the quality of being finite

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If the mirror is the prosthesis for achieving a sense of oneself as a bounded, emplaced here, what Lacan calls an "orthopedic totality" (78), the screen is a prosthesis for unwinding this boundedness.
Read and Sharrock propose a quasi-existentialist answer: in their eyes, Kuhn's critics suffer angst over the cultural boundedness of all humanity, including scientists.
Sound is an experienced medium of boundedness, and reflects broader notions of social order involved with the engineering of built acoustic environments.
Weakly connected nonlinear systems; boundedness and stability of motion.
1974), "Thermodynamics, stability and boundedness of fluids of complexity 2 and fluids of second grade" , Arch.
27) In her opinion, this 'adds refinement to the time-stability hypothesis', but she notes that defining boundedness in time solely in terms of presence/absence of an endpoint yields slightly better predictions (Pustet 2003:111).
Belief in Pythagorean reincarnation interrogates the Aristotelian psychic architecture, the structure and composition of the soul, and it also raises disturbing questions about the human sovereignty over animals that was ordained and authorized by Genesis, the integral boundedness of the early modern subject, the supremacy of rationality, and the possibility of cross species interaction, or indeed contamination between animals and humans.
Following Silverman and Toeplitz, Robison and Hamilton presented the following four dimensional analog of regularity for double sequences in which they both added an adiditional assumption of boundedness.
its boundedness, but from its sustainability--from the possibility of
The requirement of boundedness of the space was first removed independently by Rhoades [10] and Lal and Singh [8].
Taken together, these aspects of fama come together to challenge its conceptualization as 'narrative', equated as it is with an unthematizable force, arising from an unnarrated non-place, irreducible to the boundedness of narratological procedures.
Aspects of self-organization in chaos-complexity theory include self-similarity, attractors, boundedness, stretching and folding, bifurcations, self-organized criticality, and emergence.