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having the limits or boundaries established


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(35) Kahneman and Tversky showed how boundedly rational decision makers
an efficient allocation of assets, especially when parties are boundedly
Assuming that travelers will not switch to the new route unless travel time saving goes beyond the switching threshold, a boundedly rational route choice model is proposed.
where [gamma] is a smooth contour surrounding zero, provided that I - T(z) is boundedly invertible and f is regular inside y and on [gamma].
The first school of thought embraces an intentional, boundedly rational perspective on headquarters' conferral of subsidiary autonomy in advanced economies.
People make these mistakes, behavioralists say, because they are boundedly rational, inclined to use heuristics, and subject to systematic biases.
The behavioural challenge: the boundedly rational individual
Individuals in this sense arc "boundedly rational" (Simon 1957, 1972).
However, because decision makers are boundedly rational and likely to make decisions at the margin, we expect that some features of stability will remain as budget decisions are based on the previous year's budget.
Roughly speaking, we say that [bar.u](x) is (boundedly) stable if any other solutions [??](x, t) of (2) which are initially near [bar.u](x) stay near [bar.u](x) for all t [greater than or equal to] 0.
Crawford, "Lying for strategic advantage: rational and boundedly rational misrepresentation of intentions," The American Economic Review, vol.
(1) We will use the heterogeneous expectations framework of Brock and Hommes (1997, 1998), where agents are boundedly rational and switch between different expectations rules based upon their relative success.
The basic rational choice rationality is not at stake (hence behavior is 'boundedly rational') and this is why behavioral economics can be associated with the normative-descriptive in Heukelom's account.
Healthy public policy from a healthy behaviour standpoint can make decision-making inputs more accessible to cognitive processing by individuals, who are boundedly rational.