bounded interval

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an interval that includes its endpoints

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The curve [alpha] is concave with exactly one maximum and it is a graph on L defined in some bounded interval I = (-[x.
GARCIA-AMOR, connection between orthogonal polynomials on the unit circle and bounded interval, J.
On the bounded interval (1,1 + [epsilon]) equation (34) may be written approximately as
Integrating equation (36) on the bounded interval (1.
From (37) and (40), it follows that [xi] is a nonstandard jump function, which on the bounded interval (1,1 + [epsilon]) may be written as
We show rigorously why this occurs for a semi-infinite and bounded interval.
We handle a slightly more general problem in a bounded interval in 3.
4 at (e) one can also consider an I which is a complement of a bounded interval.
Let D denote the set of all closed bounded intervals