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Synonyms for bounded

having the limits or boundaries established


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The original branch and bound procedure created 3.42 x [10.sup.4] nodes, inserted 2.01 x [10.sup.4] nodes (these are the not bounded ones) and expanded 1.33 x [10.sup.4] nodes during a tour construction in average.
According to the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, the index of bounded child labor in the country is estimated 1.13 percent of the total population so the Ministry has initiated some projects to root out this evil.
An official of the Ministry said that Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) is working to end the bounded labor because bounded labor is all the aforementioned forms and it has been a long lasting problem in various sectors due to poverty, feudal system and internal trafficking.
As in [1], we denote by C* (X) the linear space of real-valued continuous and bounded functions defined on X.
SIALKOT -- Additional district and sessions judge Syed Ali Imran on Tuesday ordered the authorities concerned to hand over 13 children to their parents and three children to Child Protection Bureau (CPB) while hearing a case of bounded child labour.
The Scope of Bounded and Unbounded Institutional Structures
Nairn et al [1] show that the maximal distance between a Bezier segment and its control polyhedron is bounded in terms of the differences of the control point sequence and a constant that depends only on the degree of the polynomial.
Those who supported Moon Bound at odds-on had very few anxious moments as the 10-11 favourite bounded round the home turn in front and swept across the line three and a half lengths to the good.
However, their rationality is bounded or limited within a certain context, which is characterized by complexity and uncertainty.
In order for the true coefficient in the fixed-effects model to be bounded below the true coefficient in the cross-sectional estimates, measurement error would have to be less than 0.8%.
The most common form is an axis-aligned bounding box, whose extent in each dimension of the space is bounded by the minimum and maximum coordinates of the object in that dimension.
However, a growing number of behavioral scientists in a variety of disciplines now embrace a similar perspective, often called bounded rationality.
In his new book, Bounded Rationality in Macroeconomics, Sargent does not quite apostatize.
The structure is well enough bounded so that one can define a "superatomic radius," in this case 355 angstroms, or hundreds of times that of an actual atom.