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These continents do not show such decided, clear, and regular boundary lines as South America, Africa, and the Indian peninsula.
Please, uncle, I'd like your advice about the boundary lines and the best place for the kitchen.
A board fence (needing repairs) lies along the north, east and south boundary lines and a wire fence is along a portion of the west boundary line.
The answers lie in your title deeds but it is likely the hedge is on the boundary line between the properties.
Dubai: Shamsher Khan of Al Futtaim team believes in smashing every ball over the boundary line.
Muzamil and Hakim Khan will demarcate the boundary line next Sunday.
A T-shaped mark on the boundary line shows the fence is owned by the person within whose property the mark appears.
I really had the drive to rub out the boundary line between the two force areas.
CDA faced a lot of problems in having the control of land; unfortunately, CDA hardly built a boundary line in three years.
They further decided that those accused of crimes other than crossing the international maritime boundary line will, however, be tried by the respective courts in Sri Lanka and India.
This part of the Act contemplates two different types of work - first, a new wall may be built up to the boundary line but wholly on the land of the building's owner or, second, astride the boundary line i.
Navy spokesman Kosala Warnakulasuriya told Xinhua that the fishermen had been arrested overnight after they crossed the international maritime boundary line in the northern seas.
Summary: Enjoy, Create, Win, Savour -- just some of the motivational verbs printed large on the picture-postcard-like hoardings that form the boundary line where work has begun on the ambitious multi-billion dirham Mohammed Bin Rashid City.
AThe first point to mention is that it is generally agreed that branches overhanging a boundary line do not belong to the neighbour, but actually to the owner of the land over which they go.
He said: "I saw it as a friendship that crossed a boundary line.