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These continents do not show such decided, clear, and regular boundary lines as South America, Africa, and the Indian peninsula.
Please, uncle, I'd like your advice about the boundary lines and the best place for the kitchen."
Ryan Nicholson was also in form and he found the boundary line on four occasions, adding 34.
The six year old boy was held after he crossed the Administrative Boundary Line to South Ossetia near Tsinagari.
Richard Moller made the game's top score of 38, finding the boundary line on five occasions.
expressed indignation with a situation on the administrative boundary line of Tskhinvali region with the rest part of Georgia and calls on
Andrew Smith struck 12 boundaries making 67, Niall Penfold had one six and three fours in 28 while Adam Donaldson found the boundary line on five occasions in carrying his bat for 22.
boundary line with Tskhinvali region, which has become tense after the recent installation of barbwire fences in the vicinity of Ditsi
Nick Percy was in good form with the bat for Bomarsund, finding the boundary line nine times in making a top-scoring 47.
Foreign Minister of Georgia Maia Panjikidze intends to discuss the latest events near the administrative boundary line
Arjun top scored with an unbeaten 33 and Amar scored 23 as both players found the boundary line on four occasions.
Josh Palmer top-scored with 26, finding the boundary line on three occasions when Morpeth batted first and ended with 103-5 on the board from 20 overs.