boundary layer

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the layer of slower flow of a fluid past a surface

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Caption: Figure 1: Reaction boundary layer of sulfuric acid corrosion on concrete.
It can be seen from Figure 9 that a perfectly mixed ABL existed at the location of the radiosonde radar and the depth of the convective boundary layer was about 2 km.
Consequently, sustained warm SSTs and enthalpy flux help support warm, moist atmospheric boundary layer conditions (via 0E), which have been shown in previous literature to aid in TC intensification.
In order to capture near wall region flow, 20 layers of boundary layer elements are created with a Y+ value near 1.
The vorticity developed over the shrinking sheet is not confined within the boundary layer and hence, a situation arises where an external force is required, which helps to confine the vorticity within the boundary layer which give rise to steady fluid flow due to a shrinking sheet (Fang, Yao, and Pop 2011).
( The paper , titled "Deposition rates of viruses and bacteria above the atmospheric boundary layer," appeared online Jan.
In view of the fact that the change of flow state in the hypersonic boundary layer directly affects the propulsion efficiency and maneuverability of the hypersonic vehicle, and results in aerodynamic drag and significantly increased wall heating, laminar flow control (LFC) technologies are addressed.
For the Newtonian fluid, exact solutions and transformations of equations as well as different problems on the hydrodynamic boundary layer have been addressed by many researchers.
Using composite structures, boundary layer ingestion, and high levels of autonomy, the D8 can provide up to 50 percent reductions in fleet-wide fuel burn over designs currently in use.
Greater coolant velocity creates turbulence in the boundary layer and mixes the main body of the coolant with the boundary layer near the extrudate surface.
The research in MHD boundary layer flow has many important engineering applications such as power generators, the cooling of reactors, polymer industry, and spinning of filaments.
Boundary layer analysis of fluid flow passing through a thick needle with variable diameter was investigated by Lee [1].
Boundary Layer: Exploring the Genius Between Worlds
Tien and Vafai [3] investigated the free convection boundary layer flow in a porous medium, owing to combined heat and mass transfer.
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