boundary condition

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(mathematics) a condition specified for the solution to a set of differential equations

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22 show first three vibration modes and natural frequencies of simple beam model with clamped boundary condition.
Taking boundary conditions into account, and the two-dimensional well testing model with variable-permeability effect is as follows:
Multiplying (20) by 2u' and considering symmetry phase boundary condition, we obtain
However, a few literatures have been found on the dynamic analysis of FGM plates with various boundary conditions and structural stability analysis under combined compressive, tensile, and shear loads.
Here, a numerical method for solving engineering problems that enables exact treatment of all prescribed boundary conditions at all boundary points and does not require numerical integration is presented.
In simplest cases these are the problems with boundary conditions (4), (5), or (6):
q] (0, a) with a spectral parameter in the boundary condition.
Table 2: Numerical and Physical Model Results for Scenario 1 of Boundary Condition
The Nuav with uniform volumetric energy dissipation in the cylinder were about 11% lower than those with constant heat flux boundary condition and about 4% higher than those with constant surface temperature boundary condition.
de Monte [4,5] applied the eigenfunction expansion method to obtain the transient temperature distribution for the heat conduction in a two-dimensional two-layer isotropic slab with homogenous boundary conditions.
Using Chebyshev interpolation [25, 26], letwhere Tm(x) is the m-th Chebyshev polynomialPlugging the expansion (17) into the boundary condition (5), we havePlugging the expansion (17) into Eq.
Keywords: Normal modes, nodal lines, hand-bell, boundary condition, Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
Typically, the inner point of variables uses conservation variables, the physical boundary conditions uses the original variables and the numerical boundary condition uses these two variables or characteristics.
Equipping each interface with two Lagrange multipliers is equivalent to imposing a Robin type boundary condition at the interface between each sub-problem.
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