boundary condition

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(mathematics) a condition specified for the solution to a set of differential equations

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Average natural frequencies for CCCC, FFFF, SSSS and CFFF boundary condition Mode number CCCC FFFF SSSS CFFF 1 884.12 303.0 291.0 156.32 2 1730.96 345.0 331.0 306.36 3 1732.78 375.0 365.0 656.66 4 2431.01 412.0 392.0 812.308 5 2914.53 429.0 420.0 909.36 6 3089.72 442.0 437.0 1330.46 7 3518.50 456.0 451.0 1773.94 8 3686.26 465.0 470.0 1801.70 9 4431.66 473.0 486.0 2008.65 10 4856.44 489.0 501.0 2347.98 11 4953.73 504.0 510.0 2390.11 12 5296.78 511.0 530.0 2752.2
Figure 6(a) illustrates the effect of location of the attached mass on the sensitivity of the [alpha]-graphyne-based resonator under SSSS boundary condition for L = 10 nm.
The constant waterhead boundary condition was assumed that the waterhead at the boundary remained stable, which meant there was sufficient supply of water for the dewatering well.
Differential systems with coupled boundary conditions have some applications in various fields of sciences and engineering, for example, the heat equation [1], reaction-diffusion phenomena [2], and interaction problems [3].
Furthermore, taking appropriate function for f, [g.sub.0], [g.sub.L], [h.sub.0], [h.sub.w], [k.sub.0], [k.sub.H], the initial condition and boundary conditions yield
The maximum error of analytical and interpolation technique is shown in Table 2; the right boundary condition is 3.1640 x [10.sup.-08], the left boundary condition is 3.3258 x [10.sup.-08], and the initial condition is 2.836181 x [10.sup.-10].
Cui, "Existence results for impulsive fractional integro-differential equation of mixed type with constant coefficient and antiperiodic boundary conditions," Boundary Value Problems, vol.
For the ideal concrete of one semi-infinite medium, the exact solution of Equation (1) with the Dirichlet boundary condition can be derived as an error function solution [47]:
Special artificial and transparent boundary conditions were developed and investigated in many papers, see [1,2,4,5,6,9].
Commonly available boundary conditions in FDTD computation are Dirichlet, periodic, and absorbing boundary conditions.
Widely used mesh-based numerical methods such as finite element, finite difference, and finite volume methods, introduce a finite number of nodes to specify boundary conditions and perform numerical computations, and use spatial grids to approximate the geometric shape of a model.
(1) The proposed unified computational model is appropriate for problems which is the four-parameter functionally graded moderately thick cylindrical, conical, spherical panels and shells of revolution with general boundary condition.
Beam model with clamped supported boundary condition. The same beam model with clamped boundary condition at station 0.5 (Fig.